15 Hilarious Soccer Phrases From Around the World

Got World Cup fever? The language-learning experts at Babbel have compiled a list of the funniest soccer phrases you might hear if you’re catching the action on an overseas broadcast.

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Funny soccer phrases translated
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Spanish soccer phrases you should know

“No meter un gol ni al arcoíris”
English translation: “Failing to score a goal, even into a rainbow”
Used when: An offensive player misses a shot into an open goal so badly that even if the goal had been the size of a rainbow, they still would have missed.

“Dar un baño”
English translation: “Give someone a bath”
Used when: Your team completely dominates its opponents, beating them to every ball and outmuscling them in every tackle.

…in Polish

“Sędzia kalosz”
English translation: “The referee is a rubber boot.”
Used when: A ref makes a bad call, or is deemed to be biased.

…in French

“Planter sa tente”
English translation: “Put up your tent”
Used when: A player remains stationary offside.

“Nettoyer les toiles d’araignées”
English translation: “Clean the spider webs”
Used when: A player rifles the ball into the back of the net (specifically the top-corner of the goal).

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Silly soccer phrases translated
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German soccer phrases you should know

“Gras fressen”
English translation: “Eat grass”
Used when: A team fights hard for victory, without playing “pretty” football; the level of their passion and commitment to the cause being so fanatic that they’re prepared to “eat the grass” from the pitch.

“Was für eine Gurkentruppe”
English translation: “What a team of cucumbers”
Used when: A team isn’t playing well and is struggling to make tackles.

…in Swedish

“Att vara naken med målvakten”
English translation: “To be naked with the goalkeeper”
Used when: A player is goal hanging.

English translation: “To be like Zlatan Ibrahimović”
Used when: A player dominates an opponent in a manner that’s worthy of Sweden’s all-time top goalscorer, Zlatan Ibrahimović.

…in Italian

“Tiro Telefonata”
English translation: “Telephoned shot”
Used when: There’s a terrible shot at goal—one that’s so predictable, the striker could have telephoned the goalie beforehand to inform him exactly where he was going to shoot.

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Hilarious soccer phrases translated
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Portuguese soccer phrases you should know

“Levar um frago”
English translation: “Get a chicken”
Used when: When a goalkeeper makes an obvious mistake.

…in Danish

“Svanens død”
English translation: “Swan’s death”
Used when: A player simulates falling as if they’ve been fouled.

…in Russian

“мышелов” (myshelov)
English translation: “Mouse hunter”
Used when: A goalie can’t make a save.

“горчичник” (gorchichnik)
English translation: “Mustard plaster”
Used when: A yellow card is thrown.

“Судью на мыло!” (Sud’yu na mylo!)
English translation: “Turn the ref into soap!”
Used when: The ref has made a bad call.

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