Curious About George

This summer, the CBC’s Man in Black heads south of the border to host a talk show on CNN. Here are some tips on explaining Strombo to the American people.

Curious About George

1. It’s Stroumboulopoulos, not Stephanopoulos.

Given their names, it’s likely that our George will be confused with Good Morning America‘s. If he’s wearing a biker jacket or talking about hockey, he belongs to us.

2. Yes, you do know him from somewhere.

Stroumboulopoulos has been on American airwaves before, a fact he’d probably rather we forget. In 2006, he hosted an Idol rip-off called The One, which was cancelled after two weeks.

3. You won’t find him sipping an Amstel Light or noshing on White Castle.

Beneath the pierced exterior, he’s squeaky clean: he doesn’t drink and he sticks to a vegan diet.

4. He’s no Canadian bumpkin.

CNN promises that working for a major American network means greater access to big-name celebrities. But it’s hard to imagine getting much bigger than Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Palin, whom Stroumboulopoulos interviewed on Canadian soil. Paging Barack Obama.

5. He’s on loan.

Fans of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight were distressed when they heard about the new gig, until a tweet from CBC’s exiting VP Kristine Stewart set the record straight: “Don’t worry. Canada’s best BF not going too far for too long.”