Courting Celebrities on Twitter

Historical figures tweet their online dating profiles.

Courting Celebrities on Twitter@Where4ArtU 
(William Shakespeare)
Poet seeks playmate. Love is blind. Don’t take that literally. I’m a leg man. Ignore rumour I’ve a wife in Stratford. #muchadoaboutnothing

(Beethoven’s ex-girlfriend)
Hungarian noblevoman vants man 2 pay attn 2 me, not piano. I look hot in dirndl. But does Ludvig look up? Nein. Vanna share a schnapps?

(Henry VIII)
Tubby Tudor seeks that special someone. No Catherines, Annes or Catholics. Long story. Screening @Tower of London. Use rear entrance.

(Estranged wife of Christopher Columbus)
Seeking mate who won’t take off 4 Indies. Ur gonna get east by going west? Ha! Is there a man out there w/sense2ask4 directions? TEXT ME.

(Lady Godiva)
Free spirit seeks kindred spirit for bareback rides on the beach and general horsing around. (No peeping Toms, please.)

(Queen Elizabeth II’s pet corgi)
Male seeks action off palace grounds. Kennel Club reg’d. Proud of my pecs. Better built than the mutt who played me in Helen Mirren flick.