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What Black Canadians are Saying About Racial Injustice in Canada

Here are 12 Black Canadians on their experiences of racism, what it means to defund the police, how to be a good ally and more.

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Black Lives Matter - Esi EdugyanSource: Maclean's

According to psychologists, we’re all a little biased. Check out these practical tips for overcoming prejudice.

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Black Lives Matter - Lawrence HillSource: CBC

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Black Lives Matter - Nam KiwanukaSource: TVO

Here are 12 documentaries about race everyone should see.

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Black Lives Matter - Wanda Thomas BernardSource: CBC

Here’s what you need to know about the anti-police brutality protests in Canada.

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Black Lives Matter - Eternity MartisSource: Twitter

Here’s what “defunding the police” actually means.

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Black Lives Matter - Vince the MessengerSource: CBC

Don’t miss these powerful anti-racism quotes from some of history’s most inspiring activists.

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Black Lives Matter Protests - Desmond ColeSource: CBC

Next, read an excerpt of Desmond Cole’s national bestseller, The Skin We’re In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power to learn more about Black experiences in Canada.