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5 Brilliant April Fool’s Day Pranks You Need to Try

See if you can pull off these simple DIY gags this April Fool’s Day.

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DIY April Fool's Day pranksPhoto: Shutterstock

Big Mess

Make a splash this April Fool’s Day. Fill two glasses with water. Place a laminated sheet on top, flip them upside-down on a table, and pull the sheet out from underneath the cups. Anyone who discovers the upturned vessels won’t be able to move them without creating a puddle.

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MicrowavePhoto: Shutterstock

No Touch

Bring a new appliance into the office, like a toaster or micro­wave. Stick a sign on the machine that says, “Voice activated,” and see if anyone tries to use it hands-free.

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Brown construction paperPhoto: Shutterstock

Food for Thought

Cut out several letter E’s from brown construction paper and place them on a plate. Tell everyone there are fresh brown E’s waiting in the kitchen. Want to work with real food? Try out these April Fool’s Day recipes instead!

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Wireless keyboardPhoto: Shutterstock

Phantom of the Office

This is the perfect way pull an April Fool’s Day prank on a gullible co-worker. Arrive early to the office with a wireless keyboard. Pair your co-worker’s computer with the device, but leave their regular keyboard in place. Control their computer from your own desk and watch how they react when the machine seemingly takes on a life of its own.

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SUV in underground parking lotPhoto: Shutterstock

Duly Noted

Be prepared to splurge a little on heaps of sticky notes for this April Fool’s Day gag. The victim of this prank must have a car parked in an accessible location for at least an hour. Use the sticky notes to cover their vehicle in a pattern of your choice. Cross your fingers that once they discover your masterpiece, they’ll be willing to take a drive and show it off.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest Canada