7 Mind-Blowing Movie Theories That Change Everything

Forget what you thought you knew about these classic flicks. These mind-blowing movie theories will have you re-watching your favourite films with fresh eyes.

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7 Movie Theories that Will Blow Your Mind

Nothing beats the thrill of watching a brilliant movie for the first time. But you can come close to recapturing that magic if you’re willing to watch that familiar film from a different perspective.

Many movies leave unanswered questions-and the occasional gaping plot hole-and it’s up to the audience to fill in the blanks. Often times, the movie theories that fans come up with to explain a weak plot point or curious bit of character development are more imaginative than the filmmakers themselves claim to have intended. Nevertheless, these theories are based on hints-however subtle-that keen audiences have picked up on, viewing after viewing.

Check out these mind-blowing movie theories, and get ready to re-watch your favourite flicks with fresh eyes.

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James Bond
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1. “James Bond” is actually a code name

Fans of the James Bond film franchise may have noticed that even as the decades pass and the technology changes, Bond himself is forever young and ready for action. Some have attributed this to the production teams updating the character to keep him relevant, while others have a more cunning explanation. Have you ever considered that “James Bond” is merely a code name for various 007 agents? This would certainly explain why the man never seems to age, and why he isn’t shy about introducing himself with the iconic “Bond… James Bond” in the presence of potential foes.

Speaking of James Bond…

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2. The Rock is a continuation of the James Bond series

In the 1996 action thriller The Rock, Sean Connery plays John Mason, the only prisoner to have successfully escaped Alcatraz prison. Imprisoned in 1962, Mason -a British operative-stole sensitive U.S. government files and was held without trial while the British government disavowed all knowledge of the man or his mission. Connery, of course, became a household name after playing British operative James Bond in the action thriller Dr. No-also released in 1962. Coincidence? We think not!

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3. Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord

Jar Jar Binks is probably the most hated character of the Star Wars prequels, and this theory gives us a reason to hate him even more.

Some have suggested the gullible, dim-witted and clumsy character was in fact an evil Sith Lord, pulling the strings in the background to help Senator Palpatine rise to power and eventually become Emperor.

Where’s the proof, you ask? Well, his prowess on the battlefield and ability to escape Episode 1: The Phantom Menace unscathed is one piece of evidence. More insidiously, however, is the fact that in many scenes, Jar Jar appears to be mouthing the words other characters are saying and using subtle hand gestures-suggesting he may be using the Force to manipulate those around him. What’s more, Jar Jar is also the one who urges the Senate to give Palpatine supreme power later on in the series.

Still not convinced? You might recall Yoda is portrayed as an old, naïve and somewhat silly character when he’s first introduced in The Empire Strikes Back, but we quickly learn that despite appearances, he’s a wise and powerful Jedi Knight…

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DeLorean car from Back to the Future
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4. Doc Brown was suicidal in Back to the Future

Think back to one of the most memorable scenes of this classic time travel movie: Doc Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd) is testing his latest invention-a time traveling DeLorean-in a parking lot. How does he choose to test it? By driving it (via remote control) directly towards himself at 88 miles per hour. When the car disappears, leaving only flaming tire marks behind, his mouth gapes open and he screams with excitement. Why was he so shocked? Maybe the failed inventor was prepared to end it all if this experiment didn’t work.

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5. The aliens in Signs aren’t aliens at all

When you think about it, there’s plot hole in M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs (2002) that’s big enough to pilot a spaceship through. Namely, why would an alien species that can be fatally wounded by water come to a planet that’s covered in oceans? One possible answer is they’re not aliens at all-they’re demons. This theory becomes even more interesting if you consider that water itself isn’t their weakness-just the water that comes from the taps of Mel Gibson’s character, who happens to be a former priest.

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6. Sandy drowned at the beginning of Grease

“I saved her life, she nearly drowned,” croons John Travolta, referring to his character Danny’s rescue of Olivia Newton-John’s Sandy.

But what if he didn’t save her at all? This theory postulates that the classic 1978 film was a figment of Sandy’s imagination after she drowned and slipped into a coma, and the ending-with the two flying off into the sky in a classic car-is symbolic of her finally slipping away.

Jim Jacobs, who wrote the book the movie was based on, recently shot down this theory. He told gossip site TMZ that Sandy was very much alive throughout the film. Even that won’t stop some fans from believing the alternative (if somewhat darker) theory.

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Hunger Games cast
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7. The Hunger Games takes place in an alternate universe in which Britain won the Revolutionary War.

Reddit user TheMartianManhunter developed a theory that argues the popular book and film series takes place in an alternate universe where Britain won the Revolutionary War of 1775-1783. According to this version of history, Britain defeated the Americans and struck fear into the hearts of the 13 colonies by destroying one- District 13. To continue demoralizing the remaining colonies, the British developed the Hunger Games. They also established the Capitol and installed a ruthless governor (President Snow) to oversee the colonies.

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