5 Ultra-Modern Golf Gadgets

Gear-up and tame the course with sleek new innovations sure to drive your game into the 21st century.

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1. In the Swing

Attach the sensor to your glove, slip your iPhone or iPod Touch into your pocket and tee off. The Golf Sense app captures club and swing data for analysis.

$129.99 at golfsense.me

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2. Point of View

Loaded with maps of over 27,000 courses worldwide, the waterproof Garmin Approach G6 shows exactly where you are, tracks how far you hit every ball, counts putts and replaces your scorecard.

$299.99 at garmin.com

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3. Sole Mate

The Kikkor Tenny is bringing new levels of performance and style: soft spikes, water-resistant suede, golf-specific stability and sneaker comfort.

$99 at kikkor.com

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4. Double Duty

The reversible women’s Brora Vest cuts the chill on cool mornings and disappears in a golf bag when the temperature rises.

$155 at peakperformance.com

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5. Stroke of Genius

Cobra designed the versatile Trusty Rusty wedge to rust with use. The rougher surface increases friction at contact and the spin on a ball-better for accuracy.

$130 at cobragolf.com

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