10 Stunning Shots That Will Get You Fired Up for a Canadian Road Trip

We asked you to share your best Canadian road trip photography, and you delivered! From endless gravel roads to ribbons of sleek, black highway asphalt, these spectacular shots have us dreaming of our very own cross-Canada trek.

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Rural scenic road out by Pincher Creek, AB
Photo: Anne Doerksen

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Anne Doerksen of Carrot River, Saskatchewan, definitely nailed the vibe of our “Road Trip” Theme Pic Challenge. She took this photo of a rural scenic road out by Pincher Creek, Alberta. Headed that way? Be sure to check out this roundup of the best day trips from Calgary on one tank of gas.

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Driving with snowcapped mountain in view
Photo: Ghazali Abd Aziz

Snowy Peaks

Ghazali Abd Aziz of Calgary writes, “Driving along Highway 1 feels like you’re in heaven with beautiful snowcapped mountains like these in front of your eyes.” This is what it’s like driving the Highwood Pass—the highest paved road in Canada.

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Goat River near Kitchener, British Columbia
Photo: Laura Kohorst

A River Runs Through It

The best part about a road trip? You never know what you’ll stumble across! Laura Kohorst of Trail, British Columbia, captured a shot of this creek flowing into Goat River while road tripping through Kitchener. Here are 10 places in Canada every Canadian needs to visit.

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Mount Robson in Canadian Rockies
Photo: Shelagh Quinn

Majestic Mount Robson

Shelagh Quinn of Kamloops, British Columbia, also nailed the vibe of our Theme Pic Challenge. She managed to capture the larger-than-life beauty of the Rockies from the comfort of her own car! Check out these picture-perfect moments on a train trip through the Canadian Rockies.

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Driving to Drumheller
Photo: Jeanette Fairbairn

Next Stop, Dinosaur Valley!

This amusing photo by Jeanette Fairbairn of Elkford, British Columbia, was taken on a road trip to Drumheller with her 19-year-old daughter. Drumheller’s giant dinosaur made our list of the top 20 quirky roadside attractions across Canada.

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A covered bridge in New Brunswick
Photo: Fred Allin

The Bridges of New Brunswick

Did you know that New Brunswick is home to 60 covered bridges? Fred Allin of Etobicoke, Ontario, captures one of these beauties in this charming photo. Check out more spectacular photography of Canada’s most beautiful bridges.

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Cabot Trail in Cape Breton
Photo: Norma Keith

A Very Scenic Drive

The natural beauty of the Cabot Trail provides one of the best backdrops for a road trip, as this photograph by Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ontario, proves. Here are 10 more incredible photos from a once-in-a-lifetime cross-Canada trek.

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Road trip to Prince Edward Island
Photo: Sharon Peters

Red Clay Lanes

While road tripping through Prince Edward Island last summer, Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alberta, captured the province’s legendary rich red soil. Here are 10 more east coast experiences worth adding to your bucket list.

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Steveston fishing village
Photo: Kim MacDonald Cameron

West Coast Chill

Kim MacDonald Cameron of Bow Island, Alberta, writes: “My husband and I took a road trip to British Columbia recently. We stayed for several days in the quaint fishing village of Steveston. Ocean views and delicious seafood made our stay just perfect.” Here are 10 truly Canadian foods—and the best places to try them.

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Arches Provincial Park in Newfoundland
Photo: Sheri Emerson Sanders

Golden Arch

Sheri Emerson Sanders of Labrador City, Newfoundland, took this amazing snapshot in Arches Provincial Park. It was taken on a road trip last year, and is one of her favourite places to visit! Looking for more inspiration? These are the 10 greatest Canadian road trips.

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