Why You Shouldn’t Use Cheap Auto Parts

Take our auto expert's advice and avoid cheap economy auto parts. They typically wear out much faster than professional grade parts and will cost you time, money and aggravation in the long run.

When you go to the auto parts store for replacement parts, the sales clerk will usually quote the price for “economy” grade parts. They’re cheap auto parts but not nearly the same quality as “professional grade” parts. Unless you’re planning to junk the car in a year or so, you’re better off spending more for the better parts.

I learned this lesson the hard way on my minivan with 320,000 km on the clock. I bought “economy” tie rod ends. Big mistake. The suckers wore out in less than a year, forcing me to replace them again. This time around, I bought “professional grade” parts and paid for another alignment, making the economy parts a losing proposition. Thinking that experience was a fluke, I tried again with economy wheel bearings. Same result. Now I won’t touch economy parts.

Learn from my mistakes. Whether you’re doing the repair yourself or having a shop do it, if you expect the repair to last longer than a year, insist on professional-grade parts. They cost far less in the long run.

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The Family Handyman
Originally Published on The Family Handyman