How To Use a Mechanical Stethoscope to Find Car Problems

Diagnosing many car problems is easier with an automotive or mechanical stethoscope-a tool that lets you hear inside the car’s engine. Here’s how you can use one to diagnose trouble with your vehicle. 

How To Use a Mechanical Stethoscope to Find Car ProblemsPhoto:

If you want to be a real car doctor, you’ve got to use the right tools. An automotive stethoscope can be the most effective diagnostic tool in your toolbox. It works just like the ones doctors use, allowing you to “hear inside” a mechanical component. The stethoscope we chose comes with two attachments: A metal probe and a sound amplifier.

– Use the amplifier to narrow down the source of the noise.

– Next, switch to the metal probe to locate the exact source of the problem. Connect the amplifier attachment to the hose and move it around the engine compartment. That will narrow your search to a smaller area. Touch the scope’s metal probe to the non-rotating part of the suspect component. If it’s worn, you’ll hear an unmistakable metallic sound.

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