How to Fix Your Windshield Washers

A windshield washer that doesn’t pump enough fluid is annoying, and can be hazardous. Here’s a quick diagnostic checklist that explains how to find the problem and fix your windshield washers.

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Check Windshield Washer Pump Operation

Check Windshield Washer Pump Operation

Perorming a diagnostic test will help you determine if there’s a minor problem with your windshield washers. We also share quick and easy car maintenance tips that will help you fix your winshield washers.

Windshield Washers: A Quick Diagnostic Test

If you press the button for windshield washer fluid and nothing comes out, you probably have a clogged nozzle. Start your diagnosis by making sure there’s fluid in the reservoir. If so, check for fluid flow at the tee near the cowl.

Follow the washer tubing from the reservoir to the tee. Disconnect the tubing and have a friend press the washer button. A strong stream of washer fluid indicates a good pump but a clogged nozzle.

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Blow out the Nozzle

Blow out the Nozzle

If that checks out, leave the tubing off the tee and clear out the nozzle with a compressed air gun. However, if you couldn’t get fluid flow at the tee, you probably need a new pump (see our article on Windshield Washer Repair).

Press a rubber-tipped compressed air gun against the nozzle opening and blow air backward through the nozzle (tubing still disconnected at the cowl). Then reconnect the tubing and try the washers again.

Required Tools and Materials for This Project:
* Air compressor
* Air hose
* Rags
* Rubber-tippsed compressed air gun

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