How Often You Should Be Replacing the Cabin Air Filter in Your Car

It's one of those little maintenance jobs you tend to ignore—at the risk of your own health.

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Cabin air filter - car vents
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The air inside your vehicle can be six times more polluted than the air outside

Without proper filtration, the air inside the passenger cabin can be teaming with allergens, pollutants and other disgusting microbes. That suggests a significant health risk for children, the elderly and more than 40-million allergy-sensitive North Americans.

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Cabin air filters
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Air quality threats abound

A cabin air filter is designed to block airborne contaminants. Those contaminants include pollen, dust, car exhaust, toxins, pollutants, allergens, wind-blown industrial soot, the smelly build-up caused by mold, mildew, algae and fungi and more.

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Car's HVAC system
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Protection for your heating and HVAC systems

Without a clean, functioning cabin air filter, microscopic contaminants are pushed into your car, much of it through vents. A dirty cabin air filter can degrade and potentially damage your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems.

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Cabin air filters
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A cabin air filter wasn’t always standard

That said, if you have a 2000 or newer vehicle, you probably have a cabin air filter. While 95 per cent of vehicle owners surveyed recently said they are concerned about in-car air quality, only 26 per cent said they knew or thought they knew there was a cabin air filter in their vehicle.

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Cabin air filter needs replacing
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Your cabin air filter replacement schedule

Driving conditions will determine how often a cabin air filter needs replacing. Dirt roads, dusty areas and urban stop-and-go traffic shorten a cabin air filter’s life, Most vehicle manufacturers suggest cabin air filters be replaced every 12 months or 20,000 kilometres.

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