4 Quick Car Maintenance Checks for Winter Driving

Expert advice on how to prepare your car for winter driving conditions.

4 Quick Car Maintenance Checks for Winter DrivingPhoto: Pics-xl/ShutterStock

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is especially true when it comes to the major investment we make in our cars.

“Winter is harsh on automobiles with deep-freeze temperatures, slippery conditions, plus stop-and-go gear changing,” says Colin Dilley at Prestone, a leading name in engine protection products.

Here, Dilley gives us a few quick and easy winter maintenance tips:

• Top up windshield fluids with a winter-specific formula and replace windshield wiper blades if brittle.

• Check tire pressure regularly and top up the air as recommended.

• Check the treads on your tires and, for the best vehicle control, replace them no later than 5/32″ of remaining tread depth.

• Top up the antifreeze/coolant with a formula guaranteed to protect against corrosion. Corrosion can cause engines to quickly overheat, even in the winter. With the rigours of winter conditions, be sure to top up or do a complete flush and fill with an antifreeze/coolant that contains a proven corrosion inhibitor. A key feature in Prestone antifreeze/coolant is the corrosion inhibitor package that’s guaranteed to work in all domestic, Asian, and European autos. It ensures compatibility with the antifreeze/coolant requirements in any car.