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Top 5 Phone Apps for Luxury Car Lovers

If you love everything about cars, you’ve probably dreamt of buying the perfect luxury car. If you’re someone who is working your way toward that goal, the right phone apps can make your search for the best car a lot easier. Here are five great apps for the luxury car aficionado.

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Essential Apps for Luxury Car Lovers: Canadian Black Book

Whether you’re looking for a brand new car or a quality used one, a luxury car is going to cost a pretty penny. You’ll want to make all those pennies count, and the best way to do that is with an app that shows you exactly how much the car you’re looking at is worth.
The Canadian Black Book app, CBB Connect, is the gold standard in vehicle pricing data, and it definitely belongs on your smartphone. With just the touch of a button you can check the price of the luxury car you have your eye on, and then you won’t end up overpaying for it.

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Essential Apps for Luxury Car Lovers: Truecar

It’s one thing to know how much a vehicle is worth, but knowing how much other drivers paid for the same car can be even more valuable. That’s where the popular Truecar app comes in. Unlike other pricing apps, Truecar actually tells you how much others have paid for the same luxury car you’ve been coveting. Once you have that info, Truecar will help you find the closest dealer so you can drive a hard bargain and a great luxury car.

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Essential Apps for Luxury Car Lovers: CAA

You might think that CAA is all about emergency road service, but they also have an app that is a wealth of information on car prices, reliability ratings and other things automotive.
Whether you are a CAA member or not, you can use the CAA app to get information on luxury cars – making car shopping easier and helping you get the best possible bargain. The app is easy to use, and a very valuable addition to your smartphone.

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Essential Apps for Luxury Car Lovers: Cam OnRoad

The Cam OnRoad app can turn your smartphone into a fully functional dash camera, making it a useful addition to any luxury car. The app uses the camera built into your phone, and is compatible with most Android-based smartphones.
There are other dash cam apps out there, but Cam OnRoad is one of the best and most useful. Whether you’re an Uber driver in your spare time, or just cruising around town, the Cam OnRoad app is a great choice for you.

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Essential Apps for Luxury Car Lovers: Robb Report

The Robb Report is a favorite among luxury car enthusiasts, and the image-associated app is a useful companion. If you’re in the market for a luxury car, this app is a must as it will provide you with information on test drives, car reviews, reliability ratings and so on.
If you have a luxury car to sell, you can use the Robb Report app to price the vehicle and even connect with other drivers. If you love luxury cars, the Robb Report app belongs on your smartphone.

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