Tired of Losing His White Car in Parking Lots, This 88-Year-Old Came Up With a Creative Solution

With its one-of-a-kind customizations, the "Bling King" is now hard to miss, day or night!

Edward Lubky Driving Bling KingTina Paskiw, The Sign Shack
At 88, Ed appreciates how easy it is to spot his car in a parking lot.

It wasn’t always the “Bling King.” In its former life, it was just an everyday 2011 Chevy Cruze, white in colour. Squeezing in among a few other white cars in a parking lot one day, I decided that I needed to do something to identify my car more easily.

One Of A Kind Car - Bling KingTina Paskiw, The Sign Shack
A side view of the Bling King.

I purchased two rolls of red pinstriping and applied them to my car—on both sides, the hood, the trunk and doors. Then I purchased 300 feet of reflective stripes and added that on the sides of my car, as well as Cobalt Blue Metallic custom-designed decals I made myself. When I saw LED stripes were available to purchase, well, I just knew that was for me: I now have 80 feet of the stuff on the car, in it and underneath it.

Bling King at nightTina Paskiw, The Sign Shack
Ed’s “mobile LED light show.”

I have since added a disco ball; disco discs; mini-LED lasers; front and rear cameras; two musical horns; pink “eagle eyes” rear-wheel wells; a lighted cup holder; a 20-inch scanner behind the grille; blind-spot cameras; a rear-parking sensor with side detection; and 24 switches and ten sockets for controlling all of the added items. At night, I’m a mobile LED light show!

Bling King - hood viewTina Paskiw, The Sign Shack

The car now also features thousands of rhinestones in the form of owls, flowers, dragonflies and more, totaling 10,600 rhinestone pieces in all. And, to top it all off, I had 53 digitally printed animal, bird and flower decals made by Tina and Randi of The Sign Shack in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Actually, it was Tina who came up with the name “Bling King,” and Randi designed and emblazoned the name on a vanity plate, which I installed instantly! Tina and Randi played a large part in making my car into what it is today.

Every time I’m out driving or in a parking lot, many pictures are taken by onlookers and I have received several positive comments. Who says a senior citizen can’t have any fun! And best all, I can totally find my car in any parking lot now!

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Originally Published in Our Canada