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5 Popular Myths About Smart Cars-Busted!

Have you fallen for these common myths about the Smart Car? Here’s what you need to know about this fascinating little vehicle.

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Busting 5 Popular Smart Car Myths 

Ever since it first hit the streets of North America, the Smart Car has been turning heads. These tiny cars were a mere curiosity at first, but as fuel prices soared, more and more drivers wanted to find out more about them-and the rumour mill kicked into overdrive.

Thinking of buying a Smart Car? Here are five things many drivers still have wrong about the Smart Car. 

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Myth #1: Smart Cars Are Not Safe

Many drivers see the tiny size of the Smart Car and immediately assume the vehicles are inherently unsafe. This is particularly true of North American drivers, who worry that the larger pickup trucks, SUVs and semis on the road leave Smart Car owners more vulnerable in a crash.

While it is true that larger vehicles sometimes fare better in crashes, there are plenty of safety features built into the tiny Smart Car. Those safety features include a total of four airbags, protective headrests and specially designed bucket seats. All in all, it means that the Smart Car is much safer than many drivers realize. 

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Myth #2: The Smart Car is the Product of a Brand New Manufacturer

Many people think that the Smart Car is the creation of a brand new car manufacturer, but the vehicle is actually made by Mercedes-Benz, one of the oldest carmakers in the world.

The Mercedes-Benz pedigree is a big part of the Smart Car appeal, and many  drivers are happy to learn that the iconic German automaker is the manufacturer of the Smart Car. 

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Myth #3: The Smart Car Gets Better Mileage than Any Other Car on the Road

The tiny size of the Smart Car leads many people to think that the vehicle is tops in fuel economy, but that is not actually the case. While the Smart Car does get excellent fuel economy, hybrid and all-electric models have greater efficiency ratings. If fuel economy is your only consideration, the Prius or Chevy Volt might be a better choice. If you like the convenience of a gasoline-powered vehicle, the Smart Car might be better. 

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Myth #4: The Smart Car Only Fits Two People

The original version of the Smart Car did only have room for two passengers, but the aptly-named Smart for Two is not the only model on the market. If you want to take more passengers, you can choose a model that seats up to four passengers – albeit with limited room in the rear seating area. 

The Smart Car is by no means a spacious vehicle, but they are surprisingly roomy for their small size. If you have been hesitant about buying the vehicle because you fear it is not big enough, you might want to visit a local dealer and see the vehicle for yourself.

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Myth #5: The Smart Car is the Cheapest Car on the Market

Although Smart Cars are competitively priced, there are cheaper alternatives on the market, and it’s important for drivers to weigh all their options. Keep in mind that most (if not all) of the cheaper alternatives to the Smart will be in the subcompact or mini-car niche. 

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