This Vintage Car Lover’s Long-Time Wish Came True

"Betsy"—a lovingly restored 1934 Ford sedan—is the apple of her owner's eye.

Betsy With OwnerMichelle Langill

My husband, Roger, grew up in a family who loved and restored old cars. In his teen years, he had an old truck that he worked on. He sold it a few years after we were married, but always had plans to purchase another antique vehicle down the road. Last year his dream came true! Meet Betsy, our 1934 Ford 4-door sedan. She was originally from Saskatchewan and purchased by a fellow on Vancouver Island who has a love for buying and restoring old cars. Betsy was completely restored to her original state, and beautifully done! When Roger saw her, it was love at first sight.

1934 Ford SedanMichelle Langill

Betsy is now a special part of our family. She loves to go for drives on beautiful summer days. When our son recently graduated from high school, Betsy was a big part of this very special day.

Driving In BetsyMichelle Langill

Roger will often be found taking friends and family for summer drives in Betsy (that’s him and his daughter pictured above). For the older generation, it takes them back to simpler times, when a Sunday afternoon drive was where it was at.

Betsy will always remain a special part of our family for generations to come. We look forward to many more happy outings with her!

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Originally Published in Our Canada