5 Reasons You Need to Test Drive the New GMC Terrain Denali

On the market for a compact SUV? Here are five standout features that make the new GMC Terrain Denali worth a test drive.

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GMC Terrain Denali
Photo: GMC Canada

1. It’s got Automatic Parking Assist (on certain models).

Confession time: I’d never slipped behind the wheel of a self-parking vehicle before I test drove this 2019 GMC Terrain Denali. I had no idea what I’d been missing.

If, like me, you’re late to the Automatic Parking Assist party, here’s a rough idea of how it works. As you’re cruising through a parking lot, vehicle sensors automatically pick up potential parking spots. When one of these spots suits your fancy, simply press a button, and follow the prompts on the dashboard display. Although it’s up to you to shift into reverse, apply the gas, and brake as directed by the display, you leave the navigation and steering to the Terrain itself.

For a first-timer, handing over control a computer can be a bit nerve-wracking; but it quickly becomes second nature—and leaves you hungry for future developments in self-driving technology. Definitely one of the most impressive of the bells and whistles available on this compact SUV.

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GMC Terrain Denali interior
Photo: GMC Canada

2. It’s got Surround Vision (on certain models).

A new option on the 2019 Terrain Denali, Surround Vision provides a 360-degree view of your surroundings, displayed on the high-resolution dashboard screen. Not only does this allow a bird’s eye view of how impressively the Automatic Parking Assist managed to squeeze you into that teeny-tiny parking spot, but it also paints a full picture of any potential obstacles (shopping carts, etc.) that might have strayed into your path while you were parked. Here are nine more car safety features worth considering.

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GMC Terrain Denali storage space
Photo: GMC Canada

3. It’s got tons of storage space.

There’s no better test of storage space than trying to squeeze five grown adults—with accompanying luggage for a week away—into a vehicle. Despite our test drive’s super-sized cargo, our Terrain Denali had plenty of room to spare. It’s adaptable for when you’ve got fewer passengers and more payload, too, with a fold-flat front passenger seat and flat-folding rear seat.

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GMC Terrain Denali road trip
Photo: GMC Canada

4. It keeps you connected.

When you’re not entirely familiar with the route you’ll be taking, there are two things you need to be sure of: Battery power for your smartphone, and a reliable WiFi signal. The GMC Terrain Denali delivers both, with standard wireless charging in the centre console (because you can never find that charging cord when you really need it), and a 4G LTE WiFi hotspot. Even if you don’t need the WiFi connectivity for the purpose of Google Maps, you’ll appreciate how good your Spotify playlist sounds on the Bose seven-speaker sound system (with amp, natch). Here are 10 essential songs for a cross-Canada road trip.

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GMC Terrain Denali IntelliBeam headlamps
Photo: GMC Canada

5. It’s got intelligent headlights (on certain models).

Ever forget to lower your high beams, only to trigger a frenzy of flashing headlights from oncoming traffic? The Terrain Denali’s Intellibeam headlight option makes that driving hazard a thing of the past, automatically switching between high beam and low beams in response to traffic conditions.

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