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5 of the Best Car Accessories for 2016

Could your car use a bit of an upgrade? Add one (or all) of these new car accessories to revamp your ride in 2016. 

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5 of the Best New Car Accessories

The car you drive is a reflection of your taste, style and personality. If your car feels outdated and a bit boring, you can spruce it up with the help of a few well-priced add-ons-many of which can be installed in an instant. Check out these awesome car accessories, which can reinvent your ride for 2016.


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1. Prepare for an emergency.

In a crash a seatbelt can save your life, but what if your car starts sinking in the water? Experts recommend that drivers who encounter water emergencies get out of their cars as soon as possible-even if that means breaking the window and cutting the seatbelt loose. A combination seatbelt cutter and window breaker tool does just that. This little tool could literally be a lifesaver, and it belongs in every vehicle you own.

Resqme car escape tool, $12,


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2. Reclaim that new-car smell.

Say goodbye to that funky pine tree dangling from your rear view mirror! Instead of masking foul odours, choose an air freshener that eliminates odours altogether. In combination with a rigorous car cleaning schedule, they can help remove any evidence of four-legged passengers and cigarette smoke, and perhaps even help you reclaim that elusive new-car smell.

Air Sponge Odour Eliminator, $8, Canadian Tire.


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3. Keep your dash organized.

Tired of having things slide off your dashboard and end up on the floor? A new accessory makes it easy to fix that common problem in a matter of minutes. DashGrip gel pads are designed to hold your smartphone, pen, papers and other essential items securely in place. These super convenient pads are simple to apply and easy to clean, and they won’t leave sticky residue on your dashboard when you eventually take them off.

DashGrip gel pads, $15,

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4. Stay connected.

It’s a known fact that when you desperately need your smartphone, it’s going to run out of juice. Although it’s an annoyance most of the time, it could mean serious trouble if you’re stranded on the side of the road in the middle of winter. The good news? For less than $100, you can buy a charger that’s so compact, it fits neatly in your pocket. With this tiny device, you can jump start a dead smartphone battery in mere moments.

Recharge Ultrathin 3000 lightning battery pack, $80, Chapters Indigo.

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5. Upgrade Your Stereo for the Digital Age

If your car stereo still features a CD player, or worse, a tape deck, it’s well past time for a digital upgrade. The latest digital-ready car audio systems include places to plug in your phone, along with iPhone connectors, Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports. From your favourite podcasts to the music on your phone, you can take the best digital entertainment with you wherever you drive.

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