Shirley Khaitan

Shirley Khaitan

Shirley Khaitan


How to Stop Procrastinating and Live a Happier Life

You can procrastinate about nearly anything: unappealing tasks, like dental appointments, or enjoyable tasks, like planning vacations. Everyone does it differently—here's how to put a stop to it.

Identity Theft is More Rampant Now Than Ever—Here’s How to Prevent It

Losses to card fraud—one common type of identity theft—reached a record high in 2017 of 1.8 billion euros across 19 European countries. Three victims describe their harrowing ordeals.

Saving Syria’s “Lost Generation”

The Syrian Civil War has left more than 2.8 million Syrian children at risk of illiteracy and without the opportunity to learn skills to rebuild their lives and country. Now that’s starting to change.