This Clever Toilet Paper Hack Can Freshen Up Your Entire Bathroom

The key to having a fresh-smelling bathroom might lie in the toilet paper, not the toilet itself!

There are plenty of suggestions out there for how to prevent less-than-pleasant odours in your bathroom. However, thanks to a handy trick we spotted on TipHero, there’s a way to eliminate icky bathroom smells that doesn’t require a daily spray, or a touch-up every time you go. In fact, you only have to do this as often as you change your toilet paper roll, and it works just as well.

All you need is a toilet paper roll—it doesn’t even have to be full—and some essential oil. Try citrus scents, which can overpower other odours, plus they have a “clean” smell. Place five or so drops of the oil on the inside of the cardboard toilet paper roll, and voilà! Your bathroom will be filled with a pleasant (but not over-the-top) aura of citrus, or whichever scent you’ve chosen.

What makes this technique so cool is that, while you don’t actually have to do anything each time you use the toilet, the scent still kicks in whenever you do. Rolling the fragrant toilet paper roll tosses the scent around and “re-activates” it. The nice smell will last you till the end of the roll.

Be careful, though, that the oil doesn’t get on the paper itself. Many essential oils can irritate the skin, especially the sensitive areas that, you know, TP habitually comes into contact with. If the oil does manage to seep through the cardboard, you’re probably best off not using the last couple squares of paper. However, aside from that, you really can’t go wrong with this trick!

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