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The Most Popular Dog Names from 2019

The website rounded up the most popular names we gave our furry friends this year. Are your favourite dog names trending?

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Who’s that doggy in the window?

For the seventh year in a row, has released their annual list of the top dog names. “The names we give our pets provide a peek into our passions, aspirations, happy places, and guilty pleasures, reinforcing what we at Rover know to be true: our pets are as unique as the names we lovingly bestow upon them,” said Kate Jaffe, trend expert for Rover. “That’s why we’re so honoured that hundreds of thousands of pet parents trust us with their furry family members.”

Rover gathered data for the Top Pet Names of 2019 report between September and October of this year. They analyzed millions of user-submitted pet names from those that use their services as well as collected more data from a survey of 1,500 adult pet owners. Keep scrolling to see if you recognize any names or to find inspiration if you plan to add a dog to your family this year.

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Bella topped the list of the most popular dog names of 2019. The name Bella has also shown up on the list of top baby names. (Find out the most popular baby name the year you were born.) According to Rover, 55 per cent of dog owners say that their pet has a human name or they would consider giving them a human name. They also found that 25 per cent of pet parents said they would consider giving their pet a name they had considered for their child.

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The name Luna came in at number two, up a few spots from last year. Other up and coming dog names this year were inspired from pop icon, Lizzo (up 100 per cent), Beyoncé (up 78 per cent), and Taylor Swift (up 400 per cent).

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Charlie made the number three spot on the list of top dog names of 2019, moving down a few spots from last year. Charlie came in second place on the top ten list of dog names for male pups.

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Another commonly hear dog name, Max, came in at number four. However, Max topped the list of the most popular male dog names.

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Lucy came in right in the middle at number five. Other sources of inspiration that pet owners use to come up with dog names are trending television shows such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Game of Thrones. The name Maisel increased by 1,000 per cent and the name Arya Stark increased by 150 per cent.

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The adorable name Daisy comes in at number six. Besides flowers, dog owners love using their favourite foods to find inspiration for their dogs’ names. The name Rosé is up 183 per cent and other dessert-related names such as Cupcake, Cake, and Croissant are on the rise as well.

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The name Bailey is number seven on the list. Surprisingly, desserts aren’t the only food that inspires dog names. Some people that are more into eating clean and dieting named their dog Kale (up 70 per cent) or Keto (up 57 per cent). Your dog probably won’t hate you as much as your friends if you name them Kale, but you should learn to spot these signs your dog is mad anyway.

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Lily, another pretty name inspired by nature, is number eight on the list of top dog names for 2019. Some other celebrities that pet parents named their dog’s after this past year were Meghan Markle, as well as two other royals Diana and Queen Elizabeth. (Check out more pets of the British royal family.) Also, Chip and Joanna Gaines-inspired Crew is up 411 per cent, Kylie Jenner’s Stormi is up 364 per cent, and Kim and Kanye’s Saint is up 96 per cent this year.

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Cooper went up a spot from last year coming in at number nine on the list. The male dog names Max, Charlie, Cooper, and Buddy all kept their top ranks on the list of dog names from 2018 to 2019.

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And coming in at number ten is the name Zoe. It moved down on the list from last year but still managed to squeeze into the top ten.

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