9 Funny Photos of Cats “Working from Home”

They might be adorable, but they're very serious about their work.

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Domestic ginger cat
Chansom Pantip/Getty Images

This ginger cat who definitely likes palm leaves

Talk about a workplace with a tropical vacation feel.

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Black cat working at the computer as a developer online
Tanased Hemathulin/Getty Images

This black-and-white kitten who’s serious but adorable

He’s focused on his work and his work only.

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cat pet sleeping on work desk
Blackzheep/Getty Images

This tired little hard-worker

He has his coffee right there, but it isn’t doing him any good.

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Cat sitting on laptop
Molina86/Getty Images

This beautiful white cat

They say you’re not supposed to work lying down, but we’ll give her a pass.

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A pretty little cat biting the tip of a pen while its owner writes a note with him.
nensuria/Getty Images

This helpful little kitten

She might not know what she’s doing, but she still wants to help.

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Beautiful young yellow Maine Coon cat working on laptop.
DjelicS/Getty Images

This chubby ginger cat

You can just tell he’s all about his work right now.

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Cat playing with a laptop
SetsukoN/Getty Images

This green-eyed beauty

He’ll be with you in a second, he just needs to finish this email first.

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cat sits at a table near the diary and laptop
Denis83/Getty Images

This ginger cutie who has serious responsibilities

He’s all buried in his notebooks and data.

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Cat working from home
Asurobson/Getty Images

The well-dressed British short hair

Just look at his adorable tie!

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