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8 Vintage Christmas Ads from the Past 100 Years

Though St. Nick appeared in ads as early as 1840, it wasn’t until after 1863, when cartoonist Thomas Nast created the now-familiar figure in a red suit and white beard, that Santa became the holiday season’s most popular pitchman.

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Up on the rooftopPhoto: Reminisce

Up on the rooftop

This ad first appeared in Country Life in 1920. Santa had been a Murad favourite from before WWI.

This is what 14 everyday objects looked like 100 years ago.

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A bubbly ChristmasPhoto: Reminisce

A bubbly Christmas

National Geographic, 1954: Coca-Cola Co.’s red-faced, jolly Santa was conceived by illustrator Haddon Sundblom.

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Presents are a lifesaverPhoto: Reminisce

Presents are a life saver

Better Homes & Gardens, 1972: Santa pitches the Life Savers Sweet Story Book as a last-minute “life saver.”

Take a look at these photos showing what Christmas used to look like 100 years ago.

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A red ChristmasPhoto: Reminisce

A red Christmas

Family Circle, 1962: Santa endorses everyone’s favourite condiment—long before Del Monte conceded to calling it ketchup in the ’80s.

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Sparkling bubblesPhoto: Reminisce

Sparkling bubbles

Family Circle, 1962: Colgate’s Soaky Santa bath suds was a popular stocking stuffer.

Everyone should visit these old-fashioned Christmas towns.

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Studio SantaPhoto: Reminisce

Studios Santa

Reader’s Digest, 1966: Santa gets glasses.

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Santa sellsPhoto: Reminisce

Santa sells

Reminisce, 1950: Even Santa was used to sell cigarettes back in the ’50s.

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Singer SantaPhoto: Reminisce

Singer Santa

Family Circle, 1962: Santa is looking over letters from kids asking for a new sewing machine for their mother.

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