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  • 7 Ways to Make Errands Less Stressful>>

    Like death and taxes, there’s no escaping having to run errands. Since they can eat up time better spent relaxing or exercising, here are a few ways to make the process quicker, less stressful and more enjoyable.>>

  • 5 Weird Questions Answered>>

    We all have strange questions we just need the answer to. Here are the answer to 5 things you've probably always wondered about.>>

  • 5 Things The New Royal Baby Will Inherit>>

    Now that Prince William and Kate Middleton have welcomed their child into the world, we take a look at what the Royal Family's newest addition will inherit.>>

  • 3 Pregnancy Tips for First-Time Moms>>

    Three experts offer tips to first-time mothers for a happy and healthy pregnancy.>>

  • 6 Clever Car Games for Kids>>

    Being trapped in a car with children on a long drive can sometimes seem like a form of torture. One great way to prevent bad moods and complaining? Playing games. We’ve come up with six fun car games to make the kilometres roll by faster.>>

  • 10 Tips For A Healthy and Active Family>>

    Having trouble getting the kids outside despite the nice weather? Sometimes the video games can be first choice, but here are 10 tips to get the whole family outside and active.>>

  • 8 Reasons Babies Are Smarter Than You Think>>

    Chubby, cherubic and drooly, sure, but babies are much more than lovable lumps. Discover how fascinating new studies are revealing the true genius in those ga-gas and goo-goos.>>

  • 8 Ways to Save On Back To School>>

    Don't stress about school before it's even started. Follow these easy school supply budgeting tips for peace of mind and A+ savings.>>

  • How to Start an Online Mom's Support Group>>

    Today’s moms are reaching out to create their own social circles, and online groups dedicated to moms and their interests are popping up all over the web. Meet two trail-blazing moms and see how their online groups have helped women navigate the challenges of motherhood.>>

  • The Best Canadian Cities to Raise a Family>>

    When it comes to parenting, not all Canadian cities are created equal. We looked at our provincial capitals and cities with a population of over 80,000 to find you the most family-friendly communities in the country.>>

  • How Maternity Leave Is Failing Canadian Women>>

    Increasing the birthrate. Letting mothers take care of their young children without damaging their careers. Extended maternity leave was enacted for all the right reasons. So what went wrong?>>

  • Canada's Top 10 Mommy Bloggers>>

    For most of the country’s nearly 4,000 mommy blogs, the payback is simple: being heard. Learn, laugh, and cry with ten of the loudest moms in Canada. (And one daddy blogger, too.)>>

  • The Sport of Motherhood>>

    No matter how far they go in life, children will always depend on their parents. A mother explains why come crunch time, she's still who her son turns to.>>

  • Why Letting Your Kids Go Can Be So Hard>>

    At every stage, motherhood requires you to renegotiate the boundaries you share with your children. A mother shares why letting go of her sons as they grow up is so bittersweet.>>

  • 6 Surprising Ways Pregnancy Changes a Mother's Brain>>

    Pregnancy doesn't just change a woman's body, it also rewires her brain. Discover the mind-bending ideas and emotions a new baby can bring.>>

  • Motherhood's First Lesson>>

    The suprising challenges a mother faces after giving birth to her first child.>>

  • Fighting the Clock: The Risks of an Older Pregnancy>>

    Tick tock, tick tock. Postponing children carries elevated risks. Before you opt for a baby past your child breaing prime, here's what you need to know.>>

  • 4 Child Education Apps That Make Learning Fun>>

    Looking for a fun way to get your child excited about reading, math and programming, or just letting their imagination run wild? Try these interactive back-to-school season apps.>>

  • Does Breastfeeding Improve Behaviour?>>

    World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7) advocates for breastfeeding and the many health benefits it brings to babies. Is better behaviour one of them?>>

  • 8 Fun Father’s Day Activities>>

    This Father’s Day, take Dad out for something that you both can enjoy. Check out these easy and fun activities.>>

  • How Can We Protect Our Children from Bullying?>>

    In March 2000 an honour-roll student named Hamed Nastoh jumped off the Pattullo Bridge in New Westminster, B. C. Hamed, 14, left a seven-page note that said he was killing himself because his classmates tormented him with names like gay or faggot. He had never told his mother he was being bullied.>>

  • 13 Tips to Increase Your Family's Happiness and Health>>

    Tolstoy was right—happy families are all alike. At least they share certain basic characteristics. Here are a few of the foundations experts say are key to a loving, cheerful home:>>

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