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40 Travel Adventures You Need to Have Before You’re 40

These trips will revitalize your zest for living, test your physical limits and help you cherish fleeting moments as you celebrate the mid-point of life. It’s not all downhill from here!

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Holi celebration in Nepal or India

Holi festival, India

It’s impossible to feel middle-aged surrounded by this fun festival of colour! Taking place all over India and other Hindu countries at the beginning of March (the exact date varies each year), the celebration has its roots in Hinduism, but everyone is welcome to participate. Throw on some old clothes, stock up on naturally-derived dyed powder, and perfect your aim. Wondering what colour to choose? According to National Geographic, green symbolizes new beginnings, perfect for those bursting into a new chapter of life.

Here are the best things to do in Delhi on a two-day layover.

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North Cascades National Park - Pasayten Wilderness(On the Pacific Crest Trail)Photo: Andrew Schigelone/Shutterstock

Hike the Pacific Crest Trail

Make like Cheryl Strayed in Wild as you attempt the 4,265-kilometre Pacific Crest Trail—or at least a few kilometres of it—and use the time alone in nature to reflect on your past and think about where you’re headed. Plus, the physical challenge will keep you in shape—something that unfortunately gets harder as you age. The trail runs along the entire west coast of the United States., with many spots to pick it up along the way.

These are the 10 greatest hikes in Canada.

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Morning light on the Lynn Cove Viaduct along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North CarolinaPhoto: anthony heflin/Shutterstock

Drive cross-country with your kids

If you have children, take a major trip with them before they get too far into their prickly teenage years to enjoy it. Rent an RV, or even just pile into the family minivan for unforgettable memories from coast to coast, visiting national sites, parks, and monuments along the way. Stay in budget hotels and campgrounds to save money. If cross-country is too far, try a famous U.S. roadway instead, like Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, or the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Here are 10 more family vacations even the most jaded teen will love.

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young pretty african american girl with curly hair making photo on a tablet, lifestyle people concept, tourist in european german cityPhoto: iordani/Shutterstock

Backpack around Europe

Follow the time-honoured tradition of college students studying-abroad before you’re too old to pass for one (don’t worry, it’s OK if it’s too late). Staying in cheap, communal-style hostels is a great way to meet people from all over the world, and a Eurail pass is an inexpensive way to see a whole continent. You don’t even have to plan out your itinerary ahead of time—just decide on a whim where to go next. Or, pick one country and really get to know it, carrying everything you need on your back.

Try one of these beautiful and wildly underrated cities in Europe.

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Glamping inside TentPhoto: Moise Sebastian/Shutterstock

Go glamping

You’ve earned the right (and the finances) to travel in style. Visit the destination of your choice anywhere in the world with a five-star hotel-worthy tent. Glamping (or “glamorous camping”) lets you get off the beaten path and close to nature, but still gives you enough modern touches that you don’t feel deprived. It’s an experience you deserve!

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One Young Chinese Backpacker Camping Outdoor in the Nature at Summer timePhoto: Bo1982/Shutterstock

Or, go old-school camping

If glamping’s not your style, revisit your childhood with an old-fashioned camping experience. With campgrounds all over Canada, you don’t have to go far for a rustic getaway with your spouse, your kids, or by yourself. Setting up your own campsite and surviving overnight in the wilderness can rebuild your self-confidence—something that often starts to wane as we head into middle age.

Check out Canada’s prettiest fall camping destinations.

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Beautiful young brunette girl in a bikini swimsuit ride wave. Sporty surfer woman surfing in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean on the background of blue sky, clouds and transparent waves. Outdoor Active.Photo: Nikkolia/Shutterstock

Learn to surf in Hawaii

C’mon, you know you always wanted to! According to surfing experts, this isn’t just a sport for young people, and it’s never too late to learn. Plus, the mental and physical health benefits of your newfound skill will help keep you strong in the decades to come. Although you can learn anywhere there are waves, we can’t think of a more quintessential place to start than the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii, where the sport is ingrained in its history and culture.

Here are 11 things to know before you book that Hawaii vacation.

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Man walking on a hanging bridge in Arenal Volcano National Park - Costa RicaPhoto: Bertola Jean-Guillaume/Shutterstock

Explore the Costa Rican jungle

Costa Rica is a haven for young-at-heart adventure seekers who refuse to become set in their ways. With 26 per cent of its land made up of wildlife preserves and other protected lands, this small country invites ecotourists to hike through pristine rainforests filled with monkeys, tapirs, macaws, and even wildcats like pumas and ocelots. Venture onto canopy walks, suspension bridges, and zip lines that might make an older person shudder! Ecolodges let you stay right in your own tree house.

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Multi Generation Family Walking In Countryside TogetherPhoto: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Travel with your parents

Let’s face it: They won’t be around forever, so now’s the time to take advantage of spending time with them. Travelling with your parents as an adult is way different than when you were a kid—you can now better relate to each other, and might even find that you’re friends. Visit someplace relaxing for a lot of catch-up time, pursue an adventurous vacation (but not too strenuous) for bonding, or even visit your ancestral country to uncover stories your parents can tell you about past generations of your family.

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Munich, Germany- October 2, 2014: People drinking in the Hippodrom Beer Tent on the Theresienwiese Oktoberfest fair groundsPhoto: tichr/Shutterstock

Oktoberfest, Germany

Alcohol takes more of a toll on your system as you get older, so visit Oktoberfest in Munich for an authentic beer festival while you’re still young. But you can enjoy the festivities without alcohol, too. Go for the traditional cuisine, spectacular tents, folk costumes, music, rides, parades, and gorgeous scenery in the surrounding Bavarian countryside.

Check out this expert’s guide to the best beer cities in the world.

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Watching Elephants on SafariPhoto: bumihills/Shutterstock

Go on safari

No halfway-to-the-bucket list would be complete without an African safari. Seeing some of the most majestic creatures on earth is an adventure not to postpone. Some of the safest countries to visit on safari include Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia. Other incredible safari destinations include Kruger National Park in South Africa, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, and Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, where you can witness the spectacular wildebeest migration July through October.

These 12 “dangerous” countries are actually safer than you think.

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Woman friends in wellness spa waiting room, talking and smiling. Females in bathrobe sitting in health spa reception area and waiting for their spa treatment.Photo: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Have a spa weekend with your girlfriends

Whether you’re a busy career woman or a busy mom (or both!), you’re undoubtedly due some rest and relaxation. Catch up with your gal pals on a memorable weekend of doing nothing. Destination spas can be found anywhere in the country, but laid-back California might have some of the best, such as Cal-a-Vie Health Spa outside San Diego.

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Al Khazneh or The Treasury at Petra, JordanPhoto: Yongyut Kumsri/Shutterstock

Petra, Jordan

Remember the hidden temple at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? It’s a real place, and you can indulge your childhood dreams of following in that famous (if fictional) archaeologist’s footsteps by travelling to the ancient city of Petra, Jordan. Built into the red rock face, the site is full of hidden passages and jaw-dropping finds around every turn. Start in the gorge known as the Siq, and eventually make your way up 800 steps to a monastery high in the mountains.

Petra is also one of the top tourist attractions you need to visit before you die.

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Iguazu Falls, New 7 Wonder of the world - ArgentinaPhoto: sharptoyou/Shutterstock

Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina

Start chasing the world’s biggest waterfalls now—it’s a pastime that will last the rest of your life. These amazing South American falls, which dwarf Niagara, are almost two miles across and over 260 feet tall, made up of a system of around 275 waterfalls. In addition, Iguazu Falls are in the midst of gorgeous rainforests full of wildlife. There’s a lot of walking involved, but you’ll feel like you’re an explorer on your way to discovering a magnificent sight to behold.

These tourist traps around the world are actually worth visiting.

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Man standing at the Mount Everest Base Camp (5.380) in Sargamatha National Park, Himalayas, NepalPhoto: PlusONE/Shutterstock

Mount Everest base camp, Nepal

Although “base camp” sounds like no big deal, just getting to the bottom of the massive mountain is a huge, days-long undertaking best done when in “peak” condition. Although altitude sickness is a risk, prepare properly and you’ll be able to make the trek to the camp at nearly 18,000 feet, while learning a lot about Nepalese culture along the way. You might even meet some fellow climbers who are actually attempting a summit.

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La Tomatina festival - tomatoes madness in August 28, 2013 in Bunol, Spain. Battle of tomatoes at street of cityPhoto: Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock

La Tomatina, Spain

Food fight! Rediscover the simple childhood joy of throwing edibles at your pals with the La Tomatina festival in the town of Bunol in the Valencia region of Spain. Trucks bring the tomatoes to the centre of town and a cannon kicks off the throwing frenzy. Tip: Wear protective goggles and gloves, and squish the tomatoes before throwing. After a couple of hours, another cannon signals the end, and everything (and everyone) gets washed down.

Look out for these cheap alternatives to Europe’s most expensive cities.

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Aurlandfjord and Sognefjord from Stegastein viewpoint, NorwayPhoto: dibrova/Shutterstock

The fjords of Norway

Active travellers swear the Norwegian fjords are one place you have to travel to now. You can cruise through these deep glacial cuts at any age, but they are best experienced by getting off the beaten path onto rugged hiking trails that wind through the imposing yet beautiful landscape. Plus, you want to see these crazy cliffs before the effects of vertigo (which is most likely to affect older people) set in. Venture to western Norway to see the majestic Sognefjord and many others, as well as picturesque villages and stunning glaciers.

This small Norwegian town turns abandoned buildings into bookstores.

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Unidentified chef cooking a Mala is Grilled meat (Beef, Pork, Chickens or Mushroom) with chilli sauce and sichuan pepper for sale at street food market.Photo: PongMoji/Shutterstock

Have a culinary adventure in Thailand

While your stomach can still handle new and unusual food, take a culinary tour—any nation will do, but Asian countries have been gaining notice as top foodie destinations. Try the cuisine of Thailand, which is world-renowned for its complex flavours created by an abundance of herbs and spices. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try the delicious street food in Bangkok.

These are the 10 best street foods across Asia.

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Fitz Roy MountainPatagoniaPhoto: Sophie Dover/Shutterstock

Trek through Patagonia

Many visitors to this region at the southern tip of South America, straddling Chile and Argentina, describe the experience as life-changing—perfect for those heading into the second half of their time on earth. See jagged mountains, ice-blue lakes, glaciers, and tons of wildlife, including everything from puma to penguins, depending on what areas you visit. You can opt for luxury tours, or do it yourself on a budget. Two highlights are Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park and Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park.

These 14 remote destinations are absolutely breathtaking.

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View to Marina Cay and Virgin Gorda, British Virgin IslandsPhoto: Andrea Haase/Shutterstock

Sail BVI

The “sailing capital of the world,” the British Virgin Islands (or BVI) are a collection of 60 isles of pristine white sand and turquoise sea. Steeped in pirate lore, the unspoiled scenery will have you feeling like you’re in Treasure Island. And if you’ve always wanted to learn to sail, now’s your chance: You can even take a whole “learn to sail” vacation, or travel with pals and split the cost of a charter. If that’s too pricey, do a day trip out to sea. One blogger even found a way to sail for free: Make friends with boat owners and they’ll invite you on board.

BVI is also home to some of the most gorgeous beaches with the clearest water in the world.

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A family follows behind a guide on Sun Mountain near Winthrop, Washington.Photo: Gregory Johnston/Shutterstock

Visit a dude ranch

This is a must-do trip for your kids while they’re young—but can be a challenging adventure for adults as well. A dude ranch is also the perfect place for horse lovers and those interested in agro-tourism, as well as those looking to unplug by the campfire. Learn to ride, perfect your skills, and go on jaunts through easy or mountainous terrain. Cattle drives and overnight trips are also possible, and accommodations vary from rustic to luxury. Saddle up!

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cyclist stands on the winding asphalt mountain road near Lake Pukaki view from Glentanner Park Centre near Mount Cook, on a background of blue sky with clouds, snowy Southern Alps. Photo: TDway/Shutterstock

Take a bike tour

You’re going to need to be in decent shape for this one. But seeing a destination by bicycle gives you a new perspective, with more time to reflect on your surroundings (and your life), plus you’ll reestablish a sense of pride in your physical accomplishments. Bike tours can found anywhere in the world, but one amazing place to cycle is rugged and remote New Zealand.

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young woman hiker hiking on great wallPhoto: lzf/Shutterstock

Great Wall of China

Those intrepid travellers who are willing to travel further from Beijing will be rewarded with fewer crowds and more tranquility when walking the Great Wall. Parts of it can be accessed by even the mobility-challenged, but visiting when you’re able to hike a distance will lead to a more challenging and transformative experience.

Find out what it’s really like to restore the Great Wall of China.

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Little girl (age 5-6) snorkeling dive in the Great Barrier Reef Queensland AustraliaPhoto: ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

There’s nothing that can restore your fervor for life than seeing up-close the only living thing on earth visible from space: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Plus, given that the reef is dying thanks to global warming, you should see it while you still can. Made up of living coral, underwater plant life, and more than 1,500 species of fish, the reef is surprisingly accessible. The amazing underwater scenery can be reached via boat or in some locations, right off the beach. You need to be a somewhat strong swimmer, but breathing through a snorkeling tube is easy to get the hang of.

Here are more breathtaking places to visit before they disappear.

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An aerial view of the coral reef and deep cave that make up the famous diving spot of the Blue Hole in the Caribbean Ocean off the coast of Belize.Photo: Tami Freed/Shutterstock

Dive Belize’s Blue Hole

Once you’ve mastered snorkelling, you’re onto the next underwater adventure: scuba diving. Although diving can be done at older ages, there is more of a concern with medical problems over the age of 45. Once you’ve become certified and gain some experience, venture to one of the greatest dive sites in the world, Belize’s Great Blue Hole. This massive sinkhole, 1,000 feet across and 400 feet deep, provides an otherworldly experience as you descend into the dark abyss, where you’ll see stalactites, sea life, and even Caribbean reef sharks.

Find out what your dream vacations reveal about your personality.

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Woman taking photos of beautiful scenery at Path of Gods on Tyrrhenian sea, Amalfi coast, ItalyPhoto: Roman Babakin/Shutterstock

Walk the Path of the Gods

If you’re looking for a spiritual experience in Italy, forget St. Peter’s—head instead to the “Path of the Gods,” the walking trail that extends for five miles above Italy’s famed Amalfi coast. The hike up is strenuous, hot, and not for the faint of heart (another starting point allows you to drive up by car), but the views of the mountains and coastline are worth it. You’ll truly feel immortal looking down on the resort towns below, before descending 1,500 steps to Positano.

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Visitors follow Mickey Mouse for photos at Disneyland, in Anaheim, Calif. Seventy people have been infected in a measles outbreak that led California public health officials to urge those who haven't been vaccinated against the disease, including children too young to be immunized, should avoid Disney parks where the spread originatedPhoto: Jae C. Hong/Shutterstock

Take the kids to Disney World

OK, so this is not an “adventure” in the traditional sense, but travelling with young children is definitely a challenge—and one you shouldn’t miss. The awe you’ll see in their eyes when they get to Walt Disney World—and their excitement when you tell them the news you’re going—is something you’ll cherish when they’ve grown. You can even make it a family reunion, with your parents, your siblings, and their children joining the fun. These are the memories that last a lifetime.

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Female rock climber at the belayPhoto: Geir Olav Lyngfjell/Shutterstock

Go rock climbing in Utah

Rock climbing at the gym is one thing, but doing it in nature on actual rocks tests your mettle and will cure any approaching midlife crisis.  The canyons, cliffs, and towers of Utah provide some of the country’s best and most interesting rock climbing terrain. There are opportunities for all skill levels as well.

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Happy romantic couple on Greek IslandPhoto: zstock/Shutterstock

Island hop in Greece

Our 30s are generally a busy time of life: having and raising kids, getting ahead in our career, struggling to maintain our relationship with our spouse or partner. Make an escape for some alone time with your significant other on the romantic islands of Greece. It’s easy (and reasonably priced) to get around via ferry, so you can visit as many as you want. Or, just park yourself on one beach and stay there forever—at least until it’s time to go back to reality.

Here are 18 of the best Greek islands to visit in your lifetime.

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ZermattPhoto: ansharphoto/Shutterstock

Ski the Swiss Alps

Before your knees give out or you develop arthritis, get in some skiing time at one of the top downhill destinations in the world: the fabled Alps of Europe. Ski resorts abound in France, Italy, and Austria, but the charm of the Alpine chalets of Switzerland make it our top pick for European skiing. Check out cozy Zermatt in the shadow of the Matterhorn, or classic St. Moritz, one of the area’s oldest ski resorts.

Here are more enchanting places that look straight out of a fairy tale.

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Two Quokka outdoors in Rottnest Island, summer season, Western Australia. Quokka is considered the happiest animal in the world thanks to expression of snout that always reminds a smile. Copy space.Photo: Benny Marty/Shutterstock

Relax on Rottnest Island

Our busy lifestyle sometimes needs a throwback to a quieter, slower pace. Off the coast of Western Australia, Rottnest Island is the perfect, if far away, place to find it. With no cars allowed, you can spend your days bike riding like you did when you were a kid. Lounge on the beach, snorkel the clear waters, or have an encounter (from a safe distance) with the “happiest animal on earth,” the quokka. “Rotto,” as it’s locally known, is a fitting spot to vacay with family, friends, or even solo.

This is the most booked tourist attraction on TripAdvisor.

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rafting the colorado riverPhoto: Elena Arrigo/Shutterstock

Raft the Grand Canyon

Go outside your comfort zone with a reinvigorating whitewater rafting trip. And perhaps the quintessential place for rafting in the country—and the world—is the stretch of the Colorado River that runs through Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Rafting is an unforgettable way to see the canyon, whether you go for one day, a week, or more. Multi-day trips allow you to camp at the bottom of the canyon, a peaceful, soul-cleansing sojourn not many people get to experience.

Don’t miss these 15 natural wonders you’ve never heard of.

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hotspringPhoto: Pung/Shutterstock

Soak in Alaskan hot springs

For some people, visiting the natural splendour and wildlife of the United State’s northernmost state is the adventure of a lifetime. But along with the glaciers and grizzlies, work in some time for rest and relaxation—you’re no spring chicken anymore (kidding, kidding)! Chena Hot Springs, north of Fairbanks, is naturally fed from a geothermal system under the earth. At an average temperature of 41 degrees celsius, the hot springs have been in use for over 100 years, and probably longer by indigenous people. The location is also one of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

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Volcanic Boiling Lake in Dominica, Caribbean Island Nation. After a rigorous hike through rain forest and Desolation Valley hiker is rewarded by a magnificent site of literally boiling lake.Photo: Janos Rautonen/Shutterstock

Hike to the Boiling Lake

This is one hot spring you definitely don’t want to soak in. But Dominica’s Boiling Lake, which bubbles due to volcanic activity, is definitely is a sight to behold. The seven-hour round-trip trek in the Caribbean heat a test of mental and physical endurance best accomplished before you have any medical conditions to consider. Travel across misty, muddy, mountainous terrain, through a volcanic valley (watch where you step) to the lake—just don’t get too near the edge. On the way back, there will be some hot springs to soak in, and you can end your journey with a swim in the cool waters of Titou Gorge.

Don’t miss the 50 best beaches in the world.

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Galapagos Marine Iguanas on a beach, tortuga bay, on santa cruz island. Wild undeveloped beach with abundant wildlife.Photo: Discover Marco/Shutterstock

Kayak the Galapagos

The remote Galapagos Islands 966 kilometres off the coast of Ecuador, famous as the birthplace of Charles Darwin’s theories and considered a top destination for wildlife viewing and conservation, might seem out of reach. But you can avoid the tour boats your parents might take, maximize your time with endemic species, and get your money’s worth with an unforgettable, up-close-to-nature kayak tour that goes to islands the bigger ships can’t. Galapagos contains some of the best spots on earth you can only reach by paddle. You can even camp on the beach!

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Asian couple having fun on the beach of tropical Bali island, Indonesia.Photo: Artem Beliaikin/Shutterstock

Eat, Pray, Love it in Bali

Mid-lifers needing to reevaluate can follow in the footsteps of Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert to the island of Bali in Indonesia. That’s the “love” part of the book, but you can also find plenty of eating and praying to go along with it. Plus, you’ll definitely discover serenity in the natural scenery, beaches and culture of this predominantly Hindu region. It’s possible to do Bali on a budget, but you can also stay at the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, rated by Travel and Leisure as the best hotel in the world.

These are the most underrated food destinations in 2018.

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Young Adventure Girl traveler observinng in front of the Majestic Machu Picchu ruins- Peru.Photo: RODRIGOBARRETO/Shutterstock

Walk the Inca Trail

Anyone can take the rail to the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru, but only those in prime physical condition can get there by trail, so cross this one off your bucket list as soon as possible. Plus, the high altitude can take a toll on your system, giving an older body one more thing to handle! When you get to the site, you’ll be more exhausted than your well-rested, train-riding fellow visitors, but you’ll know you really earned the experience.

This is your ideal vacation, according to your zodiac sign.

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PingSi Sky Lantern Festival in Taipei , TaiwanPhoto: Richie Chan/Shutterstock

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, Taiwan

It’s kind of like that scene from Tangled, but this annual February release of paper lanterns is actually an old Taiwanese tradition. It still gives a magical feel to be among all the beautifully lit balloons in the night sky, especially as you recognize that each one represents someone’s hopes and dreams. Write your own wishes for the future of your life on your lantern before you let it go. For the environmentally cautious, don’t worry: A clean-up crew is on hand to pick up the lanterns after they drop. To further ensure yours is environmentally friendly, use a traditional lantern made of natural, biodegradable materials like cotton and bamboo, and only set it off during official festivals when cleanup has been prearranged.

Check out these Chinese New Year traditions we can all celebrate.

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Paragliding over the Sainte Victoire mountain, near Aix en Provence, in the south of FrancePhoto: Philippe PATERNOLLI/Shutterstock


Although there’s no official age when you’re too old to paraglide, health issues can make it more tricky as you get older, and some outfitters require those over 45 or 50 to fill out a medical questionnaire before participating. So if you want to try it, do it now! Although there are paragliding sites all over the world, the sport offers an unforgettable way to see the South of France, and the country is one of the top paragliding destinations in Europe. View the mountains and the sea from a unique vantage point, and go tandem (with a professional) if you’re a beginner.

Here are more of the most extreme travel adventures in the world.

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Woman traveler on a boat glides through the water on the Ganges river of Varanasi, India.Photo: De Visu/Shutterstock

Travel solo

No matter where you’re headed, consider a trip by yourself: no spouse, no kids, just some alone time away from your busy lifestyle. One solo traveller says, “Travelling alone is restorative and brilliant. It lets you be selfish with things you want to do without worrying about the complexities that come with travelling with someone else.” Sounds perfect for those at the mid-point of life! Do research on which destinations are friendly and safe for solo trips, especially if you’re a woman.

Check out the best solo travel destinations for women.

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