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Top 10 Gatsby-esque Hotels

The golden era of over-the-top indulgence and glamorous extravagance has returned to the silver screen with the much anticipated remake of The Great Gatsby. So if you’re yearning to relive the same spirit of the Roaring Twenties, yet still enjoy thoroughly modern amenities, these iconic art deco hotels are simply the bee’s knees!

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1. The Plaza Hotel

New York’s most legendary hotel
has gone full-throttle Gatsby to coincide with the new movie’s premiere and its integral part in the classic story. There will be Gatsby-themed food and drink, music of the 1920’s, costumes and props from the film on display and even a dedicated Gatsby website. They’ve also created a new Fitzgerald Suite retrofitted to create the era in high style replete with an entire library of his works. The author and his wife were frequent guests at the iconic landmark, and it later served as a set location for both movies.

(Photo: The Plaza)

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2. The Waldorf Astoria New York

Another legendary New York landmark that’s a definitive example of art deco style and overflowing with the splendour of that bygone era is the Waldorf Astoria also the first hotel to ever offer room service. A historic bastion of lavish lifestyles, Gatsby would have loved the extravagant suites in the boutique hotel within the hotel called The Waldorf Towers. A historic New York landmark, the property also played a role as a set in the original Gatsby movie.

(Photo: Waldorf Astoria New York)

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3. The Lexington

By summer 2013, the legendary Lexington New York City will rise once again to its former glory after a multi-million dollar transformation that will restore the jazz age cachet that made it so famous in the first place. Built in 1929, the original classic architecture of the Gatsby era will remain while the design will also reflect a tribute to the 1920’s with art deco patterns and eclectic luxurious accoutrements. The property is also famous for housing Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio during their brief marriage; they lived in a suite on the 18th floor.

(Photo: The Lexington New York City)

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4. Glen Cove Mansion

One can easily imagine Gatsby’s yellow Rolls Royce parked outside this sprawling estate turned hotel in Long Island Sound. And today, their Gilded Age Gardens could easily host an outdoor party of such epic proportions as he was known for hosting back then. Built in 1910, it was originally called The Manor and was the private home of a wealthy Standard Oil executive and his wife who later became the first Republican Congresswoman from the state of New York. It became the Glen Cove Mansion hotel in 1967.

(Photo: Glen Cove Mansion)

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5. The Ritz-Carlton Montreal

The first Ritz-Carlton hotel to open its doors anywhere was in Montreal, Quebec in 1912. Designed to welcome high society in high style, it quickly became a landmark bastion of luxury. Recently the recipient of a multi-million dollar renovation, the “Grand Dame of Sherbrooke Street” reigns supreme once again with lavish modern upgrades blending seamlessly with its classic architecture and original splendour. The legendary hotel is also famous as being the place where Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton for the first time. It now also hosts a signature Daniel Boulud restaurant and a Tiffany &Co boutique.

(Photo: Ritz-Carlton Montreal)

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6. The Raleigh Miami

Built in 1940, The Raleigh Hotel still retains an indulgent Golden Era vibe. World famous for its legendary pool where glamour girl Esther Williams performed her “wet ballets”, the historic structure is set for full-out revitalization at the end of 2013. Spearheaded by SBE Founder, Chairman and CEO Sam Nazarian and developer David Edelstein, the multi-million dollar project will offer a modern take on The Raleigh’s trademark art deco design and blend seamlessly with the celebrated pool area that made this hotel the jewel of Miami luxury.

(Photo: The Raleigh Hotel)

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7. Hollywood Roosevelt

Built in 1927, the Hollywood Roosevelt certainly has a golden pedigree, financed by Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and Louis B. Mayer. It quickly became the home-away-from-home for the Tinsel Town elite. In fact, it’s said to be haunted by spirits of past greats like Marilyn Monroe. Today, the new Tropicana pool bar fuels celebrity parties just as indulgent, while their trendy nightclub, Teddy’s, attracts the new stars and power brokers of the silver screen. It still remains one of the top places to see and be seen in LA.

(Photo: Hollywood Roosevelt, a Thompson Hotel)

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8. SLS Hotel South Beach

Originally opened in 1940 as a Ritz Plaza Hotel, the building has been creatively redesigned with a serious nod back to its glamorous art deco past and reopened as the SLS Hotel South Beach in 2012. The original Ritz Plaza neon lights at the top of the tower have been restored as its crowning glory and famous names behind the new design include Sam Nazarian, Philippe Starck, Chef José Andrés and Lenny Kravitz. It has already attracted celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx and Rumer Willis with its lavish services and is fast becoming a VIP SoBe hot spot for nightlife.

(Photo: SLS Hotel South Beach)

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9. Fairmont Château Laurier

The 1912 construction of the Fairmont Château Laurier, named after Canada’s prime minister of the time, put the nation’s capital on the radar as a destination fit to accommodate the rich and famous in style. It has welcomed royalty and heads of state from the world over, and is still in high demand for VIP visitors. The regal interior has been retrofitted with modern amenities but still retains the original Tiffany stained glass windows and hand-moulded plaster decorations. The Renaissance-style ballroom still hosts some of the country’s most highbrow galas and events.

(Photo: Fairmont Chateau Laurier)

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10. Sandpearl Resort

Built in 1921, the Clearwater Beach Hotel became favoured by many winter-weary rich and famous seeking barefoot Florida vacations in high style. Champagne clam bakes and seaside revelry abounded. Today, the Sandpearl Resort built on the same spot still resonates with old world glam and their pristine white sand beachfront still exudes barefoot luxury. Though they offer that indulgent lifestyle of the past, they’ve also planned for an environmentally sustainable future. Sandpearl operates in such an eco-friendly manner that they are Florida’s only Silver LEED certified resort.

(Photo: Sandpearl Resort)