This Is the Longest Airplane Flight in the World

Just try to guess how long the world’s longest flight actually takes.

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Would you be able to handle the world’s longest airplane flight?

Some people enjoy air travel more than others, but it’s safe to say that no one looks forward to extra-long flights. Even if you follow these 14 things you should never do on an airplane, a person can only tolerate so much time in a cramped cabin 10,000 metres above the ground.

For passengers flying from Doha, the capital of Qatar located off the Persian Gulf, to Auckland, New Zealand, that travel time couldn’t be any longer. The Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Auckland lasts 16 hours and 10 minutes heading toward New Zealand—and an anxiety-inducing 17 hours and 30 minutes on the return to Qatar, making it the longest flight in the world. (Here’s why airlines don’t tell you how long flights really are.)

The 14,535 kilometre route crosses more than 10 time zones. On the inaugural flight in February 2017, the plane left Sunday morning Doha time and arrived early Monday morning New Zealand time. However, Singapore Airlines may soon usurp the title of “World’s Longest Flight;” it has plans to resume direct flights from Singapore to New York, which would travel more than 15,280 kilometres.

If you happen to embark on this flight, or any flight that puts your stomach in knots, you’re going to want to memorize the one word you need to say to get your flight attendant to like you. And prepare for the worst jetlag of your life.

[Source: USA TODAY]

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