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Canada’s Top 7 March Break Travel Trends

Still don’t have your March Break travel plans sorted? Take a few cues from your fellow Canadians! We asked the folks at Kayak—the world’s leading travel search engine—to reveal the seven cities that have seen the biggest spikes in searches for March Break travel.

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Athens, Greece, is one of Canada's hottest March Break travel trendsPhoto: ShutterStock

1. Athens

Culture meets the beach in the Greek capital.

With a little something for everyone, Athens’ iconic ruins and Mediterranean beaches made the city the #1 destination for Canadian travel over March Break, with a 142% increase in Kayak searches compared to last year.

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Reykjavik, Iceland, is one of Canada's hottest March Break travel trendsBrett Walther

2. Reykjavik

Things are heating up in Iceland…

Instagram-worthy design mixed with family-friendly adventures means Reykjavik, Iceland, maintains its spot as a must-visit in 2017. The city saw a 103% increase in searches for March Break travel compared to last year.

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Auckland, New ZealandBrett Walther

3 & 4. Auckland & Brisbane

Seeking adventure in the South Pacific?

A 96% search increase for Auckland, New Zealand (shown here), and 60% increase for Brisbane, Australia, showed Canadians are willing to go great distances for a taste of adventure. With white sand beaches and rugged landscapes, the South Pacific offers an almost unparalleled March Break travel experience.

Fun fact: In terms of Kayak searches, Auckland is the #1 trending March Break travel destination among Albertans!

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Malaga, Spain, March Break travel for CanadiansPhoto: ShutterStock

5 & 6. Malaga & Barcelona

Canadians have got Spain on the brain…

Offering a taste of European culture at an easy-to-swallow price, it’s no wonder Canadians are saying ‘si’ to Spain as a March Break travel destination. Malaga (shown here) and Barcelona both saw increases of 85+%.

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Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TenneseeBrett Walther

7. Nashville

Is country music undergoing a bit of a renaissance? It seems so, as country music’s capital of Nashville, Tennessee, is the only American destination to have cracked Kayak’s top seven March Break travel trends. Here you’ll find the legendary Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the General Jackson Showboat.

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Canada's top March Break travel destinationsImage: Kayak

Canada’s hottest March Break travel spots: Province-by-province

Not all Canadians have the same plans for March Break travel! According to Kayak, there’s a significant variation in travel searches between the provinces. Here are the most-searched March Break getaways, province by province:

British Columbia: Maui, Hawaii

Alberta: Auckland, New Zealand

Saskatchewan: Honolulu, Hawaii

Manitoba: San Jose, California

Ontario: Havana, Cuba

Quebec: Cancun, Mexico

Newfoundland & Labrador: Toronto, Ontario

New Brunswick: Los Angeles, California

Nova Scotia: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Prince Edward Island: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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