Travel Advice

Before embarking on your next big trip, you need to plan. We’ve got some insider tips and tricks to help with packing, navigating the airport and flying the friendly skies.

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The Perfect Travel Insurance For The Perfect Vacation

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Are you planning a vacation during the cold season? Good for you! Everybody...

Parents: Reclaim Your Tech!!

If you've been handing your cell and tablet over to your kids because you thought it was safer than a...

Baffin Islands: Legends of the Fall

These dizzying cliffs have become a go-to for BASE jumpers. But is the thrill worth the risk?

10 Travel Activities for Thrill-Seekers

If walking tours and museum visits just aren't doing it for you anymore, maybe one of these adventurous activities will....

10 Great Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Travel

Treat the mom-on-the-go to some must-have travel gadgets and treasures this Mother's Day. Whether she's hiking the Andes, taking meetings...

10 Ways to Avoid Being Pickpocketed

Uncover valuable tips to keep your belongings safe, and your vacation on track. 

10 Holiday Gifts for Globetrotters

Budding and expert travellers alike will delight in these thoughtful gifts, just in time for the holiday season.

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5 Family-Friendly Getaways

When you're jonesing for a not-so-ordinary vacation fix, forget Disney. From ziplining over (and rapelling into) cenotes to walking on...

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13 Ways To Avoid Crowds When Travelling

Get ahead of the crowd! Learn how to steer clear of the tourist throng when traveling the world.

13 Essential Travel Apps

Join the ranks of savvy travellers and load up your smart phone with these must-have travel apps.

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Booking Your Vacation Online

Finding an affordable online vacation package or a cheap flight is great, but not if it means sacrificing quality. Learn...

13 Things That Make You Public Enemy #1 on a Plane

Are you a toxic traveller in the eyes of your fellow flyers? Here are 13 top-flight offenders and how you...

13 Unexpected Things You Can Bring on a Plane in Canada

Packing a carry-on bag has never been so difficult - or stressful. Let the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)...

Top 10 Tips for Finding a Cheap Vacation Online

Click your way to savings and get the vacation of your dreams by learning the tips, tricks and websites that...

10 Ways Hotels Use Photos to Fake You Out

Take a look at how a little cropping and retouching can make hotels and resorts look better than reality.

10 Easy Ways To Ruin Your Vacation (and How To Avoid Them)

Don't let bad attitude or poor planning get in the way of your perfect getaway. Prevent potential problems by avoiding...

50 Amazing Free Things To Do in Canada With the Kids

Whether it's a weekend excursion or winter break, we've got 50 free family-friendly activities from across Canada.

10 Tips for Travelling Solo

Find out what you need to know before heading off for a vacation by yourself.

10 Ways to Simplify Family Travel

Family vacations: we love 'em, we need 'em, we crave 'em... but at the same time, they fill us with...

Decoding Airline Lingo

On a flight, pilots and airline staff often have their own way of speaking, using interesting jargon while on duty....

9 Tips for Canadian Snowbirds

Ready to fly south for the winter? Choosing your destination is just part of becoming a snowbird. Before you take...

How to Plan a Great Family Vacation

Ever been on a vacation that feels as stressful as a day at the office?

Staff Tested: 3 Child Carrier Backpacks

Our intrepid reporter field-tests three popular baby packs on actual mountains.

3 Ways to Avoid Tourist Scams

Scams, thefts and rip-offs often take place in urban areas in less-developed countries. Most happen in the first day or...

Put Your Love in Motion

Casting about for a new way to spend time with your sweetie? Put some zing back in your love life with...

9 Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

Taking your young ones with you on holiday might sound a bit challenging, but with a bit of planning the experience can be...

3 Ways to Find the Best Airfare Deals

Travel deals come and go and sometimes shopping for airline tickets can seem a bit like following the stock market....

Adventure Travel with Kids

Open-minded and brimming with imagination, kids are the perfect adventure-travel companions. Whether you're taking them on a jungle walk, a...

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Tips for Happy, Healthy Travel

Vacations are supposed to calm you down, but it's easy to get sick and stressed amid all the hubbub of...