Travel Advice

Before embarking on your next big trip, you need to plan. We’ve got some insider tips and tricks to help with packing, navigating the airport and flying the friendly skies.

11 Things to Know Before You Book That Hawaii Vacation

The Hawaiian Islands are home to many of the best palm tree-lined beaches in the world—with sands of all colours,...

This Is What Those Airport Taxiway Signs Mean

When your plane is taking forever to taxi to the runway, find out where you're really headed.

The Little-Known Airplane Feature That Could Save Your Life

Remembering this tiny device could be a big deal!

Motel vs. Hotel: What’s the Real Difference?

They're similar, but they're definitely not synonymous.

18 Things Pickpockets Don’t Want You to Know

Whether you’re travelling abroad or in a crowded city, cunning pickpockets could be watching your every move. Here's how to...

13 Things You Should Never Eat on an Airplane

A registered dietitian nutritionist reveals which foods could turn your next flight into a disaster.

25 City Names Around the World You’re Mispronouncing

Sound like a native—or at least a savvy tourist—when you learn how to say these place names correctly.

The Sneaky Way Thieves Can Break into Hotel Safes

The fact that it’s called a safe doesn’t mean it keeps your stuff safe all the time.

This Is Why You Should Avoid Drinking Coffee Before a Flight

Yes, even if it has a 6 a.m. departure time.

Handshake, Hug or Kiss: How to Greet Someone in 13 Different Countries

Different countries have different codes of conduct when it comes to making personal introductions. Here's the proper etiquette on how...

11 Things Travelling on a Plane Does to Your Body

Although air travel is generally safe, you can experience some not-so-pleasant side effects at 35,000 feet.

10 Luxury Resorts You Can Actually Afford

Luxury doesn't always have to come at a price so ridiculous, only the rich and famous can enjoy it. Here...

13 Things All-Inclusive Resorts Won’t Tell You (But Should)

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7 Pet Peeves All Flight Attendants Have

Not sure if you're that annoying person on the plane? These passenger habits are the biggest flight attendant pet peeves.

7 Hidden Features on Airplanes You Had No Idea Existed

Keep an eye out for these on your next flight.

Skiing in Quebec? Here are 20 French Phrases You Should Know

Planning on hitting the slopes in Quebec this season? Whether you’re a seasoned ski bum or strictly interested in the...

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Why You Should Never, Ever Take Your Shoes Off on an Airplane

When flight attendants see passengers walking around without their shoes on, they cringe.

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The One Drink You Should Always Order on an Airplane

It can help you avoid jet lag, boost your immune system, and keep you feeling your best at 35,000 feet.

The Gross Reason Why You Should Think Twice Before Sitting in a Hotel Chair

Thinking about staying home from now on? We don’t blame you—in fact, we’ll probably join.

8 Secrets for Taking a Romantic Second Honeymoon on the Cheap

Taking a second honeymoon is a great way to recreate the magic or recapture the feeling of young love. Here's...

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Taking Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night Is Actually Illegal—Here’s Why

Thankfully, your Facebook and Instagram photos are probably safe.

13 Cruise Ship Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

Save money, stay comfortable and avoid seasickness with these cruise ship tips from Canada's foremost travel experts.

This Is Why You Should Never, Ever Sleep While a Plane Is Taking Off or Landing

It's not because you're going to miss those people applauding the touchdown.

13 Things You Need to Know About Canadian Airlines Before Booking Your Next Trip

Taking a trip with a Canadian airline? Here's how to make your next flight as cheap—and hassle free—as possible.

Here’s What Your Passport Colour Really Means

There's a significant reason behind the four standard colours found on passports—but there are some unusual shades, too.

9 Easy Ways to Beat Those Post-Vacation Blues

That super-bored feeling you get after a great vacation is totally fixable. Here's how to do it without immediately setting...

9 Etiquette Rules About Tipping You Should Know Before You Travel the World

Tipping can be confusing as the protocol varies by country. In some parts of the world, tipping can be considered...