DIY Summer Kids Film Festival, Starring Your Kids!

Ask a parenting veteran: what can you do to make your kids’ summer, this summer, the most memorable one ever? Most of us consider the summer a success if we can simply avoid poison ivy, sunburns, bee swarms, trips to Emergency and we get the kids back to school in September fully intact. This summer, we have a cool idea that will get your kids outside and using their creative side too. Here’s how you can put on your very own DIY Summer Kids Film Festival.

DIY Summer Kids Film Festival, Starring Your Kids!

The Goods

This is all about getting your kids in on the action and using their imagination. The VTech® Kidizoom® Action Cam turns your kids into both the filmmaker and the actors.

Play with the camera before you head out so that you and your kids are familiar with the many features. The camera comes complete with mounts for bikes, skateboards and more. Take advantage of the stop-motion videos and time-lapse photos and create borders, add drawings, use filters, even make stickers in post-production.

The Plan

1. Make your list of Top 10 Must-Do Things-we’ve compiled a ton of them below to get you started.

2. Outfit the kids with the cameras. They attach easily to helmets, bikes, skateboards, paddleboards, and can even go underwater (waterproof to 6 feet). The Kidizoom works equally well as a handheld too. Let them explore. If they get stuck, suggest another way or angle or experience to capture, but don’t be a helicopter parent/director. This is time for cinematic wunderkinds to emerge.

3. Get filming. Aim for five to ten minutes of filming per activity, because you have to keep in mind how long you want your Summer Kids Film Festival to run: 10 adventures at five minutes each makes a tidy 50 minute screening. 10 adventures at 10 minutes each is an hour and 40 minutes.

4. After each adventure, save the full-length version, then, depending on the ages of your kidlets, either let them do all the editing, you sit with them and do the editing together, or you just take it over and let them have veto rights.

5. Screening time! Get the whole family, or the whole neighborhood, together for the big Premiere! More on this later.

Summer experiences that make great movies

Caving is the coolest! To see your little one squeeze through a spot your arm can barely squeeze through is a howl. And the temperature changes will make for fun commentary. The Scenic Caves at Blue Mountain, ON, Horn Lake Caves Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC; Warsaw Caves Conservation Area, ON;  The Ovens Natural Park, Riverport, NS; or, the largest cave in the Canadian Shield, Arbraska Laflèche Park, Val-des-Monts, QC.

• Ziplining

• Skateboarding

• Exploring a creek with hip waders on, above and below the water

• A morning at a waterpark

• OGO balls

• Visit an aquarium

• Tree top walk

• Mini bike riding

• Go-carting

• Trampolining, either in backyard or at a trampoline facility

• Making their favourite summer treat

• Reading their favourite summer book

• Visiting someone very special

• Washing the dog outdoors at home

• Rollercoaster (down Blue Mountain, at various theme parks, big and small

• Paddleboarding

• Touring special museums of interest to kids (Hockey Hall of Fame, Manitoba Children’s Museum, and Britannia Mine Museum in BC, complete with a ride on a real mining train!)

The DIY Film Festival Premiere

Now that you and your kids have captured the action and have edited up a masterpiece, you’re ready to show it to the world. Set up a backyard party, or if you’d rather, a family room movie theatre, with plenty of chairs, pillows and blankets on the ground, plenty of popcorn and fizzy water, and let the good times roll!

Have your kids make up VIP invites and give them to your friends, family and neighbors. Who knows, maybe this will be the beginning of a neighborhood tradition with others wanting to get in on the action. Soon you’ll have a neighborhood wide film festival with each family hosting their own Premiere showing! Even Sundance had to start somewhere.

With VTech®’s Kidizoom® Action Cam, kids can embrace the popular tech trend of action cams and wearable devices with their very own product for on the go fun! The camera brings parents’ technology to a new generation of active kids. It features a robust, durable design and comes with mounts for attaching to a bike, skateboard or scooter, plus a waterproof case, all at an affordable price, making it an alternative to an expensive adult action camera. For more information, visit us at, on Facebook and @VTechCanada

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