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Pioneer Barns: Symbols of Survival

Paying tribute to Canada’s early settlers and their stories of arduous struggle to survive, Ernie Faessler of Surrey, B.C., travelled across Canada photographing and then painting the barns hand-built by Canada’s pioneers. Ernie then put them together into a book, Barns – From Our Pioneers & Builders of a Nation, with profits going towards leukemia and lymphoma research in memory of his wife Jeane. You can read his story in the March issue of More of Our Canada.

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Bracken, Sask.

Andy Stewart barn, 1914, Bracken, Sask.

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Neepawa, Man.

A.E.Cownlock, 1870, Neepawa, Man.

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Surrey, B.C.

Bose & Bros., Surrey, B.C.

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Bridge Lake, B.C.

Ernie Faessler Sr., 1929, Bridge Lake, B.C.

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Richmond, B.C.

Ewan Cattle barn, Richmond, B.C.

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Homestead Art

Red River Carts