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My Hometown: New Westminster, B.C.

New Westminster, once the capital of British Columbia, was named by Queen Victoria and is affectionately known as "The Royal...

Vimy Ridge

In July of 2009, I finally took the trip I'd spent over a decade yearning for. As a teacher with...

Le Scandinave Spa, Mont-Tremblant, Que.

Going to Le Scandinave Spa in Mont-Tremblant, Que. is definitely unique, with rituals designed to help strenghening your immune system...

What Is It? February/March 2011

Beth Barett of Nanton, Alta., sent along this interesting object. “Our friend, Ralf, bought a box of items at an

The Swan

Submitted by: Pauline, Brighton, ON Comments: Got this photo because I was in the right place at the right time.

Peggy’s Cove

Submitted by: Stefan, ON Comments: North Atlantic at Peggy’s Cove / NS

Whale Spotting

Submitted by: Marilyn, Guelph, ON Comments: St. Anthony’s, Newfoundland…..picture postcard- photo with an iceberg & whale together!!

My Hometown: Halifax

When I first moved to Halifax almost two years ago, I soon realized that I'd never lived in a friendlier...

15 Photos of Unique Handmade Objects From Across Canada

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