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Minding the Farm

When Kara Friesen of Chilliwack, B.C., got the opportunity to farm-sit for a friend, it changed her life. Now, Kara says what she appreciates most about farm-sitting is that each day holds a beautiful surprise. Some days it’s sitting on the deck watching the sun as it lights up the mountains, or being a fly on the wall as a mother cow brings new life into the world. Read her story in the November issue of More of Our Canada.

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Caught in the rain

Kara and friends don’t mind getting a little wet.

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Saddle Up!

Swing wide the gate, it’s time to ride! 

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Geared up for a Ride

So many horses, and so little time.

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Hay There!

On cold winter days, the sweet smell of hay and the warmth of horses is all that Kara needs.

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Farm Scene

For Kara, home is where the heart is-on Rose’s farm.