FlightHub Finds Canada’s Most Ritzy Airbnb Spots

FlightHub counts down four of the most luxurious Airbnb accommodations in the country.

FlightHub Finds Canada's Most Ritzy Airbnb SpotsPhoto: unsplash.com

Airbnb is taking over the accommodations scene. While every once in awhile you read a horror story about an Airbnb stay, the service represents a revolution in how people travel and where they stay. FlightHub, a Canadian online travel agency, has heard frequently from its customers that they are choosing Airbnb over hotels. FlightHub reviews this feedback constantly as they learn to adapt to a travel world where hotels are no longer the only place you can stay while on vacation. Here’s a list of some of the most luxurious Airbnb spots FlightHub has seen on the Canadian market. 

Downtown Ottawa Apartment (image above)
Hands down the most expensive Canadian Airbnb rental, this nearly $10,000 a night apartment is luxurious, well-situated, and is self-described as “Ottawa’s best address.” Listed as being located on the same street as the Prime Minister’s home in Ottawa, FlightHub chose this apartment for its proximity to the Rideau Canal, Parliament Hill, and the numerous museums located in downtown Ottawa.

Ontario Lake Cottage
Featuring a fully staffed kitchen and concierge staff, this cottage comes across as a theme park located in blissful nothingness. Why a theme park? This rental includes access to a rock climbing wall and waterslides. Located in Port Carling, Ontario, this cottage’s closest major centre is Huntsville, Ontario. The second most expensive rental FlightHub could find, this $7000 a night rental has a minimum stay of seven days, meaning this stay will cost you, to start, nearly $50,000.

33 Person Lake Compound
Located in Godfrey, Ontario, this lake compound is massive and beautiful. It features three private docks and two lakefront areas and a great dining hall that seats 33 people. Coming in at nearly $5000 a day, FlightHub thinks this place sounds the ultimate weekend spot for a bachelor party.

Downtown Montreal Home
Located just minutes from downtown Montreal, FlightHub’s home, and the Old Port, this Montreal home is a modern wonder. Featuring a pool and rejuvenated appearance, this more than $3300 a night rental is primely located for exploring both the old and the new of Montreal.

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