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Canada’s 10 Strangest, Crudest and Rudest Town Names

Think your town’s name is strange? Wait till you get a load of the top 10 strange, crude and rude town names from across Canada.

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1. Red Head Cove, Newfoundland

Long known as a region where red heads congregate to discuss pertinent matters (including where to find the best deals on sunblock and how to control their tempers), Red Head Cove actually takes its name from the reddish coloured headlands to its north.

(Photo by rhiap/Flickr)

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2. Balls Falls, Ontario

If you’re looking for beautiful Balls Falls, roll on over to the picturesque Niagara region of southern Ontario. Featuring an amazing ghost town (dating back to the 1800s), and truly scenic conservation areas, this hilariously named waterfall doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of Balls Falls’ regional appeal. Let’s just hope it wasn’t named after a particularly unfortunate accident.

(Photo courtesy of Asterclix/Flickr)

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3. Vulcan, Alberta

Vulcan doesn’t actually take its name from Star Trek’s Spock (no doubt to the dismay of nerds the world over), but that hasn’t stopped Trekkies from congregating in this southern Albertan town. Hoping to make the most out of its popular name, Vulcan has since created a Star Trek tourist station and Starship Enterprise replica, drawing countless dedicated fans for a one-of-a-kind photo op.

(Photo © Travel Alberta Canada)

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4. Crotch Lake, Ontario

Poking fun at its name is a shot below the belt, especially since Crotch Lake gives plenty of reasons to visit the nether regions of the North Frontenac Park Lands. Get in touch with your Canadian roots on a wilderness hike, visit one of the 77 nearby campsites, or have a swim in the crystal clear waters. Either way, you’ll likely feel compelled to dive headfirst into the Crotch Lake experience.

(Photo courtesy of Greengrrl313/Flickr)

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5. Swastika, Ontario.

Swastika is probably the best name for a town…said nobody ever.

Named after a train station built in 1908 (well before Nazi Germany), Swastika has somehow resisted changing to reflect the times. Unlike Ontario’s Town of Berlin (which later became Kitchener during WW1), Swastika’s name has no doubt lead to many awkward interactions with alarmed out-of-towners.

(Photo courtesy of magisterlang/Flickr

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6. Dildo, Newfoundland

Another raunchy town name that has no connection to its modern interpretation, Dildo’s name dates back to the 1700s, when the term may have referred to a pin placed in a rowboat, or a type of shrub. Despite campaigns to have the name changed, Dildo’s name has managed to persevere (which is pretty hilarious, if you ask us).

(Photo by dugspr-gco-home-for-good/Flickr)

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7. Climax, Saskatchewan

Despite an innuendo-laden name, Climax is really just a beautiful town full of friendly Canadians and lovely, scenic countryside. On the other hand, the opposite side of the Climax road sign says “Come again,” so maybe its cheeky reputation is well deserved.

(Photo courtesy of Hero122/Creative Commons)

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8. Saint-Louis-Du-Ha!-Ha!, Quebec

Saint-Louis-du-Ha!-Ha! is an actual parish municipality near the southeast tip of Quebec. Some say the strange name was derived from a First Nations’ word, while others claim Ha! Ha! comes from the sound of exclamation made at the sight of a nearby lake. All can agree Saint-Louis-du-Ha!-Ha! makes absolutely no sense.

(Photo courtesy of Rob Schmidt/Creative Commons)

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9. Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia

While Shag Harbour’s raunchy name is very suggestive, the region’s main claim to fame comes from its close encounter with a UFO. In 1967 a series of strange flashing lights were spotted in the sky above Shag Harbour. Residents were concerned an aircraft had crashed into the ocean, and contacted the RCMP, who upon investigation reported seeing lights bobbing on the surface of the water. Maybe the aliens thought Shag Harbour would be the best place to party?

(Photo courtesy of fromcitytosea/Flickr)

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10. Conception Bay, Newfoundland

If this bay is rocking, don’t come a-knockin! Yet another strangely named Newfoundland destination, Conception Bay is thought to be titled after the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Sadly, the only noteworthy penetration to occur at Conception Bay happened during WW2, when cargo ships carrying locally-mined ore were torpedoed by Nazi U-boats.

(Photo courtesy of dugspr – Home for Good/Flickr)