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Canada’s Best Beaches

If you’re dreaming of lounging on the beach, there’s no need to head south. Canada has its own beautiful swimming spots. Here are five of the best beaches in the country.

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You’ll find sun and fun on the shores of Canadian beaches!

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Long Beach

Long Beach

Location: On the west coast of Vancouver Island, about a three-hour drive from Nanaimo.
Features: Surrounded by rainforests, summer temperatures range from 15°C to 30°.
What Makes It Special: Although one million tourists visit the Pacific Rim National Park each year, it never feels crowded. One of four beaches stretching about 25 kilometres, Long Beach is renowned for its surfable waves and picturesque landscape.

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Parlee Beach

Parlee Beach

Location: In New Bruns­wick, about a 20-minute drive northeast of Moncton.
Features: A fully equipped park site that includes changing houses and a canteen. It has partial wheelchair access and pets are welcome.
What Makes It Special: It is known for having some of the warmest salt water north of Virginia.
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Grand Beach

Grand Beach

Location: About an hour north of Winnipeg.
Features: There are sand dunes that rise up to 12 metres above the beach.
What Makes It Special: With shallow, warm water coming from Lake Winnipeg, this beach is great for those who like to spend hours in the water.

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Sandbanks Beach

Sandbanks Beach

Location: Sand­banks Provincial Park, on Lake Ontario, about 45 minutes south of Belleville, Ont.
Features: Sandbanks is the most secluded of the park’s three beaches, and is one of the largest in Ontario. Activities include swimming, canoeing, windsurfing and hiking.
What Makes It Special: Its flour-soft sand rivals that of the Caribbean.

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Singing Sands Beach

Singing Sands Beach

Location: On the eastern point of P.E.I., just over an hour’s drive from Charlottetown.
Features: Part of a rich ecosystem, with diverse mammals, fish and plants. A great destination for long walks and for watch­ing magnificent sunsets.
What Makes It Special: When beachgoers walk along the sandy shores, a squeaky singsong noise is made, due to the quartz sand.