Coronavirus in Canada

Face Mask Selfies From Across Canada

We challenged you to share a #maskie and you delivered! These face mask-wearing Canadians are doing their part to stop...

12 Things You Need to Clean After Returning from the Outside World

You left your seemingly safe bubble and ventured out into the world for groceries or other essential activities. Now that...

Can You Get COVID-19 Twice? What You Need to Know About Coronavirus Reinfection

Even if you have coronavirus antibodies, you may be vulnerable to reinfection for a number of reasons—so you could potentially...

How to Tell if Your Symptoms Are COVID-19 or the Flu

Is it influenza or COVID-19? Both illnesses have very similar symptoms—but there are ways to tell them apart.

Now That Schools Are Reopening, Will I Ever See My Grandkids?

As we near the reopening of schools in Canada, Dr. Isaac Bogoch explains what we can expect—and how to stay...

I’m Resisting the Return to Pre-Pandemic “Normal.” Here’s Why You Should Too

Phase three, I tell anyone who’ll listen, is based on economics, not epidemiology. The virus is very much still here.

16 Acts of Kindness That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

We invited you to nominate fellow Canadians who, during this terrible year, demonstrated the benefits of being nice. Meet the...

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What the Anti-Mask Movement Needs to Know About COVID-19

Calgary physician organizer Dr. Amy Tan explains how to clean your mask, which kind to choose and why wearing one...

5 Things You Won’t See at IKEA Canada Anymore

No more Swedish meatballs, play spaces or shortcuts.

10 Things That Could Stay Virtual Forever

As it turns out, some experiences work just as well—if not better—online.

6 Ways That a Visit to Tim Hortons Has Changed

Canada’s iconic coffee brand has had to make some major changes for the pandemic.

How to Handle Social Distancing Rule Breakers, According to Etiquette Experts

Faced with a rampant rule breaker? These tips will keep your safety—and your dignity—covered.

10 Ways We Already Know the Holidays Will Look Different

Although coronavirus may cancel some holiday festivities, it will never cancel holiday cheer!

The Truth About Recirculated Air on Airplanes

There are plenty of justifiable reasons to be nervous about flying on an airplane—but this common myth isn't one of...

How to Buy and Sell Secondhand During COVID-19

From online marketplaces to no-contact yard sales, these tips and tricks will keep bargain hunters safe this summer—and help them...

12 Things to Consider Before Booking Hotels Again

It’s not just about dates, availability, and amenities anymore.

How My COVID-19 Hallucinations May Have Saved My Life

After testing positive for coronavirus, this hospital employee shares her shocking experience with visual and auditory hallucinations.

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14 Etiquette Rules to Follow When Visiting Friends During a Pandemic

At a time when a social misstep could get someone sick, there are a few things you need to know...

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7 Warning Signs a Reopened Hair Salon Isn’t Safe to Visit

Heading back for your first trim since the pandemic began? Here's how to tell if your salon makes the cut...

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Face Shield vs. Face Mask: Which Is Better?

Should you swap your face mask for a face shield? Here’s what the experts think.

5 Places You’re Most Likely to Catch Coronavirus

As Canada begins to reopen, experts warn against visiting spots where coronavirus has been most likely to spread.

The New Normal is Still Ours to Define

There is no new normal. Not yet. It is too soon to put the physical, emotional, and financial disruption in...

What I Learned From Cold-Calling Long-Lost Friends

Stuck at home because of COVID-19, I started calling people I hadn’t spoken to in years.

20 Ways City Life Could Change Forever After Coronavirus

Think of this as our chance to make cities better.

8 Things You Won’t Be Able to Do on Airplanes Anymore

In the long run, air travel might not change as drastically as you might think as a result of the...