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8 Genius Halloween Costumes You Can Literally Do Last Minute

Everything you need this Halloween is already in your closet.

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SailorPhoto: Shutterstock


Ahoy, trick-or-treaters! Landlubbers will flip for this sea-worthy costume. Just throw on a striped shirt and handkerchief, add a costume hat and you’re done. Lifesaver optional.

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CowgirlPhoto: Shutterstock


Cowboys and cowgirls alike can pull off this Western look! The hat and boots transform a plain flannel and jeans—even better if you have overalls—into a simple Halloween costume. Grab a rope as a finishing touch and say “howdy” to your simplest costume ever.

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Audrey HepburnPhoto: Shutterstock

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn might be a fashion icon every day, but on Halloween you can really channel her signature style. Break out your favourite LBD and accessorize with oversized black shades, and pearls to become Holly Golightly in an instant. Don’t forget to stop and grab a croissant and coffee on your way to the Halloween party.

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Rosie the RiveterPhoto: Shutterstock

Rosie the Riveter

Think you can’t get a Halloween costume together so last minute? Fear not—we can do it! Throw on a denim shirt and red bandana, and you’re ready to go. Here’s to female empowerment!

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BanditPhoto: Shutterstock


Dressed in all black and a stealthy mask, no one will know whose sticky fingers have been in the candy bowl—especially with black gloves to leave no fingerprints. Bonus points if you use your burlap sack with the goods to carry your candy. Just don’t get caught!

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BunnyPhoto: Shutterstock


Even if you choose chocolate over rabbit food on Halloween, a bunny costume is a sure hit. Slip your bunny ears on, and paint some eggs. Whiskers and a little pink nose are cute but hop-tional.

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Scuba diver Halloween costumePhoto: Shutterstock

Scuba Diver

Get ready to make a splash at your costume party. A black shirt and leggings transform into a scuba suit when you get in gear with flippers and a scuba mask. Make air tanks using two liter soda bottles and diving gear using curlers and electrical tape. Bonus: the goggles might come in handy when you’re bobbing for apples!

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BikerPhoto: Shutterstock


Got a leather jacket and a bandana? Great—you’re ready to let your bad biker out. Embellish with sunglasses and fingerless gloves (chains and spikes encouraged!) and get revved up for Halloween.

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