This Brilliant Laundry Detergent Hack Could Save You a Bundle

Don’t throw away your "empty" laundry detergent until you've tried this money-saving trick. It’s so simple!

Have you ever gotten to the end of the laundry detergent bottle and felt like there was liquid in there, but couldn’t pour it out? TikTok user @chixy38 was tired of tossing perfectly good detergent because it was stuck at the bottom of the bottle, so she shared an amazing hack to help us get every last drop of detergent—and save us so much money.

Open Your Laundry Detergent!

Seriously, you’re going to wonder why you never thought of this before. If your detergent bottle has a plastic pour spout on the top, grab an adjustable wrench or pliers. Use that tool to pop the pour spout off the top. You’ll have instant access to the detergent at the bottom of the bottle.

In this TikTok video, she was able to save enough detergent for seven more loads of laundry! Whoa.

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Got a Bottle With a Different Spout?

If your detergent bottle doesn’t have that kind of spout, @chixy38 showed another way to get the spout off. This time, all you need is a shoelace. She wraps it around the lip of the bottle top like a tourniquet, gives a tug and the top pops right off!

Here’s a look:

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♬ original sound – Chixy38

Editor’s Note: We tested the shoelace trick to remove the top of a Tide bottle, but weren’t able to make it work. If you find yourself in a similar situation, put the cap on and let the bottle sit overnight. Most of the remaining detergent will drain into the cap.

To get her money’s worth and every last drop of laundry soap out, @chixy38 also recommends flipping the topless bottles over into a cup and letting them sit overnight. This gives them enough time for the detergent to slowly drain from the bottom of the bottle.

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