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6 Easy Halloween Face Paint Ideas to Try with Your Kids This Year

Every one of these Halloween face paint ideas has its own unique characteristics, regardless of what kind of look your child is going for.

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Clown Face PaintPhoto: Shutterstock

Clown Face Paint

For a very quick but lively clown, skip the base paint. Make the eyes larger with white sponge-applied face paint, outlined with a black paintbrush or makeup stick, and back lines also applied with a paintbrush or makeup stick. Draw an exaggerated red mouth with paint brush, then using a pad applicator and outline in white and black. Top off with a big bow tie, and colourful curly wig.

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Fairy Face PaintPhoto: Shutterstock

Fairy Face Paint

For the enchanting design, use a pad applicator to circle her eyes in yellow, then spread the paint towards her temples and cheeks, blending into pink as you go. Now, using a paintbrush, apply swirling black lines and squiggles over the coloured area. Finish up by adding some white highlights and dots using the same brush. Don’t forget to add gossamer wings, a net skirt, and a jewel-studded wand to complete her costume.

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Witch Face PaintPhoto: Shutterstock

Witch Face Paint

Start by applying a green base with a sponge, then ring your witch’s eyes in black using a paintbrush or makeup stick -go extra thick on the bottom lash line. Next, emphasize her eyebrows, and give her some black lipstick. For extra effect, try adding a little bit of black to one tooth.

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Tiger Face PaintPhoto: Shutterstock

Tiger Face Paint

Apply a yellow or orange base with a sponge, then circle mouth and eyes in white using a pad applicator. Add a black outline to the eyes and muzzle using a paintbrush or makeup stick, also put some black dots on the muzzle. Next, paint the nose black, then add black and white stripes all around the face before finishing up with some whiskers.

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Pirate Face PaintPhoto: Shutterstock

Pirate Face Paint

Make an outlaw sailor in just a few strokes of black face paint: bushy brows can be made with a paintbrush or makeup stick; a goatee and overnight stubble can also be drawn with a paintbrush or makeup stick. Don’t have a patch? No problem! Just paint one on.

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Mummy Face PaintPhoto: Shutterstock

Mummy Face Paint

Apply white base with a sponge. Now circle eyes in black and add two lines on either side of the nostril for a skull-like effect. To finish, circle the mouth in black, then using a paint brush, apply white rectangles on top of the blackened area to create teeth. Finish off this costume with a dirty head wrap (gauze from the medicine cabinet).

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