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5 Things to Do with Wallpaper

Wallpaper adds that unique, decorative look to any room in your house. But more often than not, we buy more than we actually need. What to do with all those leftovers? Read on to find out five more things to do with wallpaper, including making a jigsaw puzzle, fixing a folding screen, and more!

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5 Cool Things to Do with Wallpaper

Because of its durabilty, there’s a variety of different things to do with wallpaper when you find yourself with extra. Here are some cool ideas you can use around your home and garden to DIY and get crafty.

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Cool things to do with wallpaper: Line Your Drawers

Wallpaper remnants can be a great substitute for shelf liner paper when used to line dresser drawers or closet shelves-especially designs with raised patterns or fabrics, which may add a bit of friction to prevent things from moving around. Cut the wallpaper into strips sized in both length and width to accommodate the space. What other things to do with wallpaper can you come up with?

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Fun things to do with wallpaper: Make a Jigsaw Puzzle

Here’s a fun and crafty thing to do with your leftover wallpaper: Why not use a piece to make a jigsaw puzzle? Simply cut off a medium-sized rectangular piece and glue it onto a piece of thin cardboard. Once it’s dried, cut it up into a bunch of curvy and angular shapes. It’ll give you, or the kids, something to do on a rainy or snowbound day.

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DIY ways to use wallpaper: Restore a Folding Screen

If you have an old folding screen that’s become torn or stained over the years, give it a new, younger look by using leftover wallpaper to cover it. Use masking tape to hold the strips at top and bottom if you don’t want to glue it on top of the original material.

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Crafty uses for wallpaper: Protect Schoolbooks

If your child goes through book covers on textbooks on a semi-regular basis, get your hands on some old rolls of wallpaper. When you use wallpaper to make book covers they are typically more rugged than even the traditional brown paper bag sleeves; they can hold their own against pens and pencils, and are much better at handling the elements, especially rain and snow.

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Fun uses for wallpaper: Wrapping Gifts

You just used the last of your wrapping paper, but there’s still lots of presents to wrap. What to do? Just use some leftover wallpaper as decorative (and durable) gift wrapping paper and you’ll have a unique and luxe-looking gift.

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