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5 Things To Do with Twist Ties

Don’t throw away those extra twist ties you get when you buy garbage bags-they come in handy in a pinch. Use them to organize electronics cords, build a trellis, fix broken eyeglasses, and more.

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Other Uses for Twist Ties

Twist ties often come free with food, so put them to use around the house.

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1. Organize Electrical Cords With Twist Ties

Does the top of your computer desk look like wild vines have overtaken it? Is there a thicket of wires behind your entertainment center? Tame the jungle of electrical wires by rolling each one up neatly and securing the extra length with a twist tie.

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2. Make a Trellis With Twist Ties

All you need are some twist ties and some of those plastic rings from soda six-packs to make a terrific trellis for climbing annual vines such as peas or morning glories. Just use the twist ties to join together as many of the six-pack rings as you want. Attach the trellis between two stakes, also using twist ties. You can even add sections to the trellis as the plant grows so that it looks like the plant is climbing on its own. At the end of the season, just roll the trellis up for storage and you can use it again next year.

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3. Temporarily Repair Eyeglasses with Twist Ties

Whoops! Your specs slip off because that tiny screw that holds the earpiece fell out. Secure the earpiece temporarily with a twist tie. Trim the edges off the tie so that you just have the center wire. After you inset and tie it off, snip the excess with scissors.

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4. Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments With Twist Ties

Some of those Christmas tree ornaments have been in the family for generations. As extra insurance against breakage, secure them to the tree with twist ties.

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5. Make an Emergency Cuff Link With Twist Ties

Oh, brother, are you in trouble! You packed a nice shirt with French cuffs to wear to the wedding, but you forgot your cuff links. Well, it’s not so bad. Secure the cuffs with twist ties. Pull the ties through so the twist is hidden discreetly inside the cuff.

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Other Uses for Twist Ties

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