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5 Fun Things to Do with Tennis Balls

Did you know a tennis ball could keep your swimming pool clean? Find out how and discover other ways to use a tennis ball off the court.

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Surprisingly fun things to do with a tennis ball

Early tennis balls were made from a wool-wrapped stomach of a sheep or goat and tied with rope. You might be surprised to find out other uses for them. Here are five fun things to do with a tennis ball. 

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Fun things to do with a tennis ball: Keep a pool oil-free

Here’s a useful tip that is a fun thing to do with a tennis ball around your home: Float a couple of them in your swimming pool to absorb body oils from swimmers. Replace the balls every couple of weeks during periods of high use.

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Fun things to do with a tennis ball: Fluff down-filled clothes

Down-filled items like jackets, vests, quilts, and pillows get flat and soggy when you wash them. You can fluff them up again by tossing a couple of tennis balls into the dryer when you put them in. Yes it will make a racket, but the money you’ll save in dry cleaning will convince you it’s a fun thing to do with a tennis ball. 

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Fun things to do with a tennis ball: Bike kickstand for grass

You know what’s not a fun thing? When your bike tips over. To prevent a bicycle kickstand from sinking into soft grass, sand or mud, here’s a thing you can do with a tennis ball: Cut a slit into one and put it on the end of the kickstand. Voila! 

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Fun things to do with a tennis ball: Get parking right

Have trouble parking? Another great use for a tennis ball is as a parking guide. Make parking your car in the garage easier. Hang a tennis ball on a string from the garage ceiling so it will hit the windshield at the spot where you should stop the car. You’ll always know exactly where to park.

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Fun things to do with a tennis ball: Store Your Valuables

This is a trick that can be used at home or on vacation and is a great way to make use of tennis balls. Here’s a great way to hide and store valuables when you’re working out at the gym: make a 5-centimetre slit along one seam of a tennis ball and insert the valuables inside. Keep the bag in your gym bag among other sporting gear. Just remember not to use the doctored ball the next time you hit the tennis court!

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