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5 Things To Do with Tape

Keep cat claws off your couch and your flowers standing a little longer with these handy new uses for tape.

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Twenty-nine raw materials go into the adhesive used to make transparent tape. Thankfully, using the sticky stuff is a lot simpler than producing it. Discover five handy new ways to make tape for work you.

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1. Safely Pick Up Glass Shards

Why risk cutting yourself picking up bits of broken glass around the house? Just hold a long piece of transparent tape tightly at each end and use it to blot up all the shards.

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2. Prevent Salt and Pepper Spills

Many salt and pepper shakers, especially ceramic ones, have to be filled through a hole in the bottom. Before you refill one of these shakers, tape over the holes on top. That way you won’t have any wastefull spills when you turn the shaker upside down to fill it.

Also, remember to tape the tops when moving to a new home, or even when you’re just transporting the shakers to and from a picnic.

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3. Make Candles Fit Snuggly

Don’t let loose candles spoil the romantic mood or cause a fire at your next candlelight dinner. If the candles don’t fit snuggly into the holder, wrap layers of tape around their bottom edges until they fit just right.

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4. Deter Cats From Scratching

Stop naughty cats and kittens from scratching your fine furniture! Sprinkle ground red pepper on a strip of tape and attach it to the areas you don’t want them to scratch. They hate the smell, and they’ll quickly get the message.

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5. Keep Flowers Upright In Vase

To keep cut flowers from sagging in their vase, crisscross several pieces of transparent tape across the mouth of the vase, leaving spaces where you can insert the flowers. The flowers will look perky and fresh for a few extra days.

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