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5 Fun Facts About Shampoo

Shampoos give your locks a well-needed clean; getting rid of impurites that gather in your hair. But it can also be used to save a shrunken sweater, clean your combs and brushes, and so much more. Click through to see more uses and fun facts about shampoo. 

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Fun Facts About Shampoo

Your shampoo can be used for a lot more than just washing your hair. Shampoo can clean your combs and brushes, too! Click to see some more fun facts about shampoo. 

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Fun Facts About Shampoo: Clean Brushes and Combs

Here’s a fun fact about shampoo. Skin oils can build up on your combs and brushes faster than you realize. And if you’re tucking them into your purse or pocket, they’re accumulating dust and dirt as well. Give them a fresh start in a shampoo bath. First comb any loose hair out of the brush, then rub a little shampoo around the bristles or along the teeth of the comb. Put a small squirt of shampoo in a tall glass of water, let the comb and brush sit for a few minutes, swish, and rinse clean.

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Fun Facts About Shampoo: It’s a Substitute for Shaving Cream

You’re on the road and discover you forgot to bring your shaving cream. Don’t use soap to lather up. With its softening agents, shampoo is a much better alternative. This fun fact about shampoo can save you time on the road.  

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Fun Facts About Shampoo: Resize a Shrunken Sweater

Oh no, you’ve shrunk your favourite sweater! Check out our fun fact about shampoo and how it can help.

You can bring it back to full size again with baby shampoo and warm water. Fill a basin with warm water, squirt in some baby shampoo, and swish once with your hand. Lay the sweater on top of the water and let it sink on its own and soak for 15 minutes. Gently take your sweater out without wringing it and put it in a container, then fill the sink again with clean water. Lay the sweater on top and let it sink again to rinse. Take the sweater out, place it on a towel, and roll the towel to take out most of the moisture. Lay the sweater on a dry towel on a flat surface and gently start to reshape it. Come back to the sweater while it’s drying to reshape a little more each time. Your patience will be rewarded!

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Give Yourself a Bubble Bath With Shampoo

Shampoo makes a nice and sudsy bubble bath. It’s especially relaxing if you love the scent of your favourite shampoo, and the tub will rinse cleaner. Try this fun tip next time!

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Remove Bandages Painlessly With Shampoo

Shampoo tip: You don’t have to say “Ready?” when removing a bandage. Rub just a drop of shampoo on and around the bandage to let it seep through the air holes. It will come off with no muss and definitely no fuss.

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