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5 Things To Do with Gloves

They come in many fabrics and colours, so it makes sense that they have different uses. But, did you know that rubber gloves can remove cat hair from your couch, and latex gloves can keeps your hands toasty, when thick mitts can’t do the job? Read on to get your hands on some other wacky ideas for what to do with your favourite gloves.

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Get a grip on pet hair, lint, dust and so much more with a handy pair of rubber gloves.

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1. Remove Cat Hair

Here’s a quick and easy way to remove cat hair from upholstery. Put on a rubber glove and wet it. When you rub it against fabric, the cat hair will stick to the glove. If you are worried about getting the upholstery slightly damp, test it in an inconspicuous area first.

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2. Use Latex Gloves for Extra Insulation

If you’ve got a good pair of gloves or mittens, but your hands still get cold while shoveling snow or doing other outdoor activities in cold weather, try slipping on a pair of latex surgical gloves underneath your usual mittens or gloves. The rubber is a fantastic insulator, so your hands will stay warm, and dry too.

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3. Clean Your Knick-Knacks

Need to dust that collection of glass animals and other delicate items? Put on some fabric gloves- the softer the better- to clean your knick-knacks thoroughly.

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4. Dust a Chandelier

If your chandelier has become a haven for spiders and dust, try this sure-fire dusting tip. Soak some old fabric gloves in window cleaner. Slip them on and wipe off the lighting fixture. You’ll beam at the results.

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5. Grip a Stubborn Jar Lid

It’s very annoying when you can’t open a jar of pasta sauce or olives. If the lid just won’t come loose, put on some rubber gloves- you’ll get a better grip to unscrew the top.