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5 Things To Do with Emery Boards

Emery boards aren’t just good for one thing – they’re good for five! Check out this list of out-of-the-box uses for the traditional nail file to turn an emery board into a handy household tool.

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1. Sand Deep Crevices

If you are refinishing an elaborate piece of wood such as turned table legs or chair spindles, use an emery board to gently smooth those hard-to-reach crevices before applying stain or finish.

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2. Prep Seeds for Planting

Use an emery board to remove the hard coating on seeds before you plant them. This will speed sprouting and help them absorb moisture.

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3. Save Your Suede

Did someone step on your blue suede shoes? Or worse, spill some wine on them? Rub the stain lightly with an emery board, and then hold the shoe over stream from a tea kettle or pot of boiling water to remove the stain. This trick also works for suede clothing.

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4. Remove Dirt from an Eraser

Are you fussy about the dirt on the eraser end of a pencil? Take an emery board and rub lightly over the eraser until the dirt is filed off.

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5. Sharpen Dull Tweezers

Don’t throw out your dull tweezers and waste money on buying a new pair. Instead, close your tweezers around an emery board and pull the board out a few times in three different directions. Now that’s sharp!