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5 Things to Do with Curtain Rings

Got some extra curtain rings lying around the house? Here are five clever ways to put them to use.

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Curtain rings are versatile

Shower curtain rings can be put to good use around the home and garden and beyond. Here’s five things you can do with them:

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Curtain rings: Get Hooked

Going on a hike? Latch a few items to your belt loop with the help of a few curtain rings. You can also attach your re-useable water bottle to your backpack using a metal shower curtain ring.

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Curtain rings: Lock Up Cupboards

Got a curious toddler who’s always looking to get inside the kitchen cupboards? Use shower curtain rings to lock up the cupboards and keep them safe.

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Curtain rings: Store Nuts and Washers

Keep nuts and washers on metal shower curtain rings hung from a hook in your workshop. The ring’s pear shape and latching action ensure secure storage. Put nuts and washers of similar size on their own curtain rings so that you can find the right size quickly.



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Curtain ring uses: Keep Track of Kids’ Gloves

Drive a nail or two into the mudroom wall.  Use curtain rings to clip mittens together and hang them on the nail within easy reach.

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Uses for curtain rings: Hold a Hammer

Sometimes you need three hands when you’re doing household repair jobs. Attach a couple of sturdy shower curtain rings to your belt and slip your hammer or other tools through it. Now you can climb a ladder or otherwise work with both hands and grab the hammer when it’s needed.

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